A Type of Meditation You Can Do Anytime: Mindfulness

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When we say meetings, phone calls, projects, we often have to skip the part of our lives that belongs to us. From time to time, we may go through processes in which we feel like robots and realize that there is no balance in our lives, and in such cases, we feel anxiety as well as discontent.
Mindfulness, which is the mindfulness meditation that we have been hearing frequently recently, is a thought system that you can apply not only when you are alone and at your own time, but also in every moment of your life. When you adapt it to your life, you become more aware of what is going on around you, and you can realize that everything in life is not a race.

What is Mindfulness and What Is It Not?

Meditation, which is also used with the meaning of being “inclined to be aware”, actually emphasizes mindfulness. To be careful; Perceiving the environment with an open mind means being open to new thoughts and experiences on a different topic.

One of the first things that comes to mind when meditation is mentioned is to go into a trance. However, Mindfulness is not a thought that lists things to do, such as being in a trance or a state of constant well-being.


Thanks to Mindfulness, we can continue our daily lives without being exposed to excessive stress, as it advocates being in meditation constantly throughout the day. A stress-free life also regulates our blood pressure, strengthens our memory and keeps us away from the risk of depression. It also makes it easier for us to understand ourselves and our environment by shaping our perspective. It helps us to be more aware of the events happening around us by feeling more fit and in life.

To start

It is very easy to be consciously aware, first try sitting in a quiet environment without any expectations. After setting your alarm for 15 minutes, sit comfortably and focus on your breathing with your eyes closed. Try to feel that air travel through your body and affect every single cell until the breath enters your nose and exits your mouth.

It is important to focus on the breath because we cannot continue our life without oxygen, which is one of the most basic needs of the human body. At the same time, these exercises will guide us to feel the thoughts of daily life entering and leaving our minds just like breathing.

Feeling Uncomfortable

It will be because we live in an age where it is not important to listen to ourselves that many people quit this meditation within a few days and move on with their lives. However, one of the foundations of this way of thinking is based on feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes people are bothered by a thought that comes to their mind and sometimes their body aches while sitting. What Mindfulness says in such a situation is to bring attention to the breath, freeing your mind and allowing disturbing thoughts to come.

Likewise, mindfulness advocates sitting in an uncomfortable position despite the desire to move your body while sitting. He argues that these are also from life and if we direct our attention to the breath taken in these situations, the attention to life itself will increase.

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