What is Sapiosexual? What Does Sapiosexuality Mean? What are the Symptoms?

Sapiosexual is etymologically formed by the combination of the Latin words “sapiens” meaning wise and intelligent, and the English words “sexual” meaning sexuality.

Sapiosexual is the definition used for people who are influenced and provoked by their knowledge, cultural level, intelligence level, not by their physical characteristics or appearance. The most important criterion for sapiosexual individuals is the brain, which is the driving factor. Intelligence, rather than physical traits, is the main sexual attraction for sapiosexual people.

Sapiosexuality, also defined as intellectual love, applies not only to sexual intercourse but also to romantic relationships and emotional bonds. The most important role in the emotional bonds that sapiosexual people establish and in the romantic relationships they experience is intelligence and knowledge.

How to Understand Sapiosexuality?

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Figuring out whether someone is sapiosexual is not a difficult or complicated thing. Anyone who is affected by people’s intelligence level, knowledge, and transferring this knowledge with logical arguments and neat sentences, rather than their outward appearance or other characteristics, falls into the category of sapiosexual.

Being very knowledgeable is often not enough for sapiosexual people to be attracted to someone. Traits associated with the level of intelligence, such as the ability to empathize, humility, and compassion, are also features that play an important role in influencing a sapiosexual. In addition, sapiosexuals are more curious about their partner’s insides than their physical characteristics. The more he speaks, the more he understands that the person in front of him is a well-equipped and deep person, and he wants to know more about it, to know more about it. This overwhelming sense of curiosity often brings with it sexual attraction.

Sapiosexual people constantly want to discover their romantic partners and sexual partners. The greater the depth of your partner, the stronger the attraction for sapiosexual people.

Do Sapiosexuals Care About Appearance?


Whether sapiosexual individuals give importance to their appearance or not, and how much importance those who do, can vary from person to person. Of course, it would not be correct to generalize as “sapiosexuals don’t look at appearances”. most people romantic does not evaluate a single feature when choosing a relationship or sexual partner.

People who define themselves as sapiosexual can also be affected by their appearance, personal care, socioeconomic status, and family relationships. Being sapiosexual isn’t just about being influenced by intelligence. People who think that their intelligence, intellectuality, knowledge, and communication skills have a greater impact on them than other characteristics may define themselves as sapiosexual. At the same time, sapiosexual people who say that intelligence is the most important criterion for them may also have various physical criteria in their romantic or sexual relationships. For this reason, it is not correct to make a definite judgment by generalizing for sapiosexuals.

How Did Sapiosexuality Come About?


It is necessary to examine the history of humanity from the beginning in order to see how the sexual impulses of human beings have been shaped and how they have changed over time. In hunter-gatherer society, the ideal male prototype for women was physically strong, molded and tough men who could protect their family from wild animals, hostile tribes, harsh natural conditions and feed their families by hunting.

For men, the ideal woman should have a healthy body capable of bearing and giving birth to her children, nurturing and raising them. Since then, humanity has experienced great changes and developments. Most people refer to the age we live in as the information age. It is now much easier to access information, learn and improve oneself. Power, status and prestige are measured by intelligence, knowledge and social skills rather than tall, broad shoulders and muscular bodies as in the past.

People can become rich and gain status with their intelligence, strategies and self-development. While the importance of the level of intelligence in the social and social field has increased so much, it was of course inevitable that this would turn into an interesting and impressive phenomenon. In the information and communication age we live in, the characteristics that people are naturally attracted to as an element of sexual attraction are not only physical characteristics, but also features associated with intelligence such as communication skills, knowledge, cultural and artistic activities, and humor.

What Affects Sapiosexuals?


Ways to impress sapiosexual people are through intelligence-based traits. People with high knowledge, strong social skills, easy communication, self-confidence, always open to development and learning can be emotional or sexual partners for sapiosexuals.

In an age where information is so valued, people want the people they interact with or communicate with to add something to them. Sapiosexual people, in particular, may be influenced or even aroused by the people they feel they are improving as they communicate. Sapiosexuals find people who can have long and deep conversations instead of simple, daily, short conversations, push people to use their minds more, and focus all the attention on their knowledge and presentation while speaking in an environment.

People who have high self-confidence, can express themselves easily and remain humble while doing this are also found sexy by sapiosexuals. Sometimes a clever joke, sometimes the right words chosen while speaking and a large vocabulary, sometimes a small detail information given in between words can affect a sapiosexual person, feel emotional attraction or provoke.

Characteristics of Sapiosexual Men and Sapiosexual Women

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Sapiosexual men and women do not show very different characteristics from each other. The superiority of intelligence is the number one criterion for both. Sapiosexuals go beyond social norms and are influenced by features related to intelligence and knowledge rather than physical characteristics. People who define themselves as sapiosexual have a different point of view than others. They may not find the people they want to be with, whom their other sexes are very impressed with, unimpressive. For this reason, they have a more selective and more perfectionist approach.

Conversations that can strain their mental functions, express their own ideas after listening and understanding the other person, and feel that their ideas are understood by the other person are more interesting for a sapiosexual person. For this reason, sapiosexual men and sapiosexual women prefer mutually interactive relationships where they can both improve themselves and develop their partners by presenting their knowledge.

Is Sapiosexuality a Sexual Orientation?

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The debate about whether sapiosexuality is a sexual orientation or not is a debate that still remains valid today. Some argue that sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation because it is not related to gender preferences, and therefore cannot be considered within the LGBTI+ body. On the other hand, some experts argue that sapiosexuality is an existing and valid sexual orientation and should be defined as such.

Ultimately, like all other preferences and orientations, it depends on the individual’s self-definition. People who do not conform to the norms of the society they see around them, who find a literary discussion, philosophical ideas and deep conversations more attractive than a muscular male body or a curvy female body, can of course define this as their own sexual orientation.

Sapiosexual Celebrities

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Sapiosexuality is not something that can be known or labeled by others unless the individual defines himself as a sapiosexual. Some well-known names who describe themselves as sapiosexuals are as follows;

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist)
  • Magnus Carlson (Chess Player)
  • Stephen Hawking (Physicist)
  • Conan O’Brian (Comedian)
  • Lonnie Johnson (Inventor)
  • Kim Ung Yong (Engineer and Genius)
  • Terence Tao (Mathematician)
  • William Kamkwamba (Inventor)
  • Edward Snowden (Computer Specialist)
  • Chris Hirata (Cosmologist)
  • Kevin Nadal (Author)
  • Brendan Jacob Jenkins (Playwright)

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