Affirmation: The Rising Way of Feeling Good

There is a concept that we have been exposed to and heard very often lately: affirmation. With the introduction of social media into our lives, we are faced with various variations of affirmation. Let’s see what affirmation is all together:

What is Affirmation?


We express our wishes, desires, feelings, pains and joys through language. All of these situations we have mentioned are registered in our language through some codes. Every word we choose is therefore very important. Affirmation is a concept that comes into play at this point. It is possible to use all these elements that we have established with language as a way to purify them from negative effects and surround them with positive effects.

Sending positive energy to the universe, getting rid of the negative elements, channeling your wish to the positive one makes it go to the path of affirmation. It is possible to define it as the acted version of the phrase “think nice and get good” in the folk idiom.

How is it done?


Affirmation is a state of awareness and not being alienated from desire and not being indifferent. In daily life practices, it is the case of feeding the desire to those paratics and combining it. However, it can be done by removing the negative effects of the sentences to be formed and thinking about the positive ones. It is one of the methods to stay away from people with negative discourse in life, to stay away from people who will hinder your dreams, to get away from environments that will lower your energy, in short, from toxic relationships. In addition, asking how I can turn a negative situation into a positive one by thinking about it without being angry is another way of affirming.

Returning to life without harming ourselves in the sea of negative situations is also a method of affirmation. They are exit doors that will motivate ourselves. It is also possible to embody. Hanging the photo of the school we want to go to in the university in a visible place.

Affirmation Practices

  • This is a good sign for me.
  • I can follow my dreams.
  • Difficulties cannot deter me.
  • It will be difficult, but also beautiful.
  • Every uphill has a downhill.
  • I have to keep my hope alive.
  • It is true that change is permanent, so this negative situation will also change.
  • Everything will be fine.
  • I can work for what I believe in.
  • I can overcome the problem by listening to myself.
  • I have to trust myself.

Why Should We Affirm? What is the benefit?


Our livelihood, our workload, our emotional burdens, our pain, our losses. These elements in life affect us negatively in many ways and reduce your motivation. Sometimes we need motivation to keep working, to keep a job. This is where affirmation comes into play. They allow us to open up and continue in our negativity.

What is Body Affirmation?


With the introduction of social media into our lives, hair that has become uniform, noses with aesthetics, thin bodies, make-up styles that youtubers give as examples, we are surrounded by determined patterns. Affirmation can also be through improving, positivizing this uniformity.

Their arched noses, their potbelly body, their cracked hips, their graying hair. We can also call this kind of affirmation a reconciliation with the self-state. Do not save your current situation from negative effects and take the positive side. We can define body positivity as the state of going out of the accepted or more aesthetic mold, making peace with the unacceptable and being happy with it.

As we mentioned, it is possible to define affirmation as creating positive wings and looking at them from those angles. Finding the angle that will benefit us in line with our own desire, and taking it within the possibility without making it impossible for ourselves. For this, revealing behaviors in action and practice.

In this context, we can define affirmation as a set of states that we make consciously to realize our wish. Choosing our words in a way that leads us to the positive. It is possible to define it as finding a set of principles that will turn your current situation in our favor and motivate us.

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