What is Squat? How To Do The Squat Exercise That Can Be Done Even At Home?

Squat is one of the most effective movements as part of fitness training. It is suitable for all body types, regardless of gender. Since it can be done in any environment, it is very suitable for those who want to do sports at home with their own means. Thanks to this exercise, you can look very fit and get in shape. In this content, we take a closer look at how you can effectively perform this workout at home.

What is Squat?

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The Turkish meaning of the word squat is to squat. It is the movement of lowering and rising by bending the knees with the upper body upright, together with a dumbbell, barbell or smith machine. It has an effect on the front leg muscles called quadriceps, hind leg muscles and hip muscles. Secondly, it works the abdominal and back muscles.

It is possible to practice this movement with or without equipment. However, those who will try the squat movement for the first time should do this movement with their body weight until their muscles reach a level.
After learning the movement and creating the muscle structure, it can be continued with the equipment.

How to Squat

• Open your legs shoulder-width apart with your body upright and your toes pointing outward.
• Squat, breathing in, with the top of your legs parallel to the floor.
• Make sure that your upper body and head are upright while squatting. Try to look ahead.
• Make sure that your knees do not exceed the level of your toes.
• As you finish the squat, exhale and rise up. Return to your starting position.
• According to the personal program you have created, repeat the steps in order.

What are the Benefits of Squat Movement?


Squat initiates the secretion of anabolic hormones as it works more than one muscle group at the same time. These hormones also accelerate the metabolism and contribute greatly to the fat burning process.

It helps stronger and better looking legs thanks to its contributions in the front and hind leg muscles. In addition, thanks to the abdominal and back muscles developed with squats, a more straight and upright posture is provided.
Since it is very effective on the hip muscles, an aesthetic hip appearance is gained.

Since no jumping movements will be made during the exercise, the feet are not removed from the ground and the joints are not suddenly loaded. Squats strengthen the joints.

With the central area activated by the squat movement, the balance skill is brought to an advanced level. In this respect, it is a training for other exercises that require balance.

Common Mistakes During Exercise

One of the most common mistakes made during squat exercise is to work by loading above the fitness level. Especially those who are introduced to the squat exercise for the first time should pay attention to this situation. Long-term injuries are possible due to overload.

In order to work the targeted muscle group during the exercise, the upper part of the body should be straight and the head should be facing forward. Otherwise, the abdominal and back muscles cannot be worked efficiently.

In the case of squatting, the body should not slide forward and the knees should not exceed the tip of the toes. If there is difficulty in doing this, high supports in the thickness of a book can be placed under the heels to ensure that the movement is done correctly.

One of the most common mistakes is bending the fuselage forward during take-off. Just as the spine stays upright while squatting, the same posture must be maintained while standing up.

Lifting the hips and trunk at different times is one of the mistakes that may pose a risk of injury during squats. At the end of the squat, the hips and trunk should be lifted at the same time. In this way, the weight is shared without being burdened to one side.

If an unexpected health problem arises while doing this exercise, consult your doctor immediately. Avoid unnecessarily pushing the limits of the body during training.

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