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Known as overthinking or overthinking disease , this syndrome is actually experienced by everyone at certain times in their lives. For example, we think about certain moments all the time. We are stuck in that past. We can’t stop ourselves from thinking about that day, that moment for days. These memories are often embarrassing. It is famous for having skewers in it. Sometimes we think too much when we are at the stage of an important decision. We find ourselves in a situation like an addiction to overthinking. It is from such times that Overthinking syndrome emerges and people who experience this syndrome are also called Overthinkers, and will be referred to in this way in the article. So what exactly is Overthinking? We are here with a detailed analysis on this subject.

What is Overthinking? (Overthinking Disease/Addiction)

What is Overthinking?
As a word, overthinking means to think a lot and for a long time about a subject. Many of us suffer from this condition, also called overthinking syndrome. You may have thought about the problem of thinking too much, but for some people, thinking too much has become a habit and this inevitably affects their daily lives. Since you clicked on this title, I’m going to assume that you too have a slightly similar problem. But wait, this is nothing to worry about. With the right tactics, you can overcome Overthinking syndrome. You can avoid overthinking. Treatment for an Overthinker can be done using various methods and habits: Training your mind to think in other ways , called mental models, is also one of the solutions for this situation, but that is in another article 🙂

Signs That You Have Overthinking

Overthinking Disease
The main symptom of Overthinking, also known as too much thinking disease, is actually directly related to its meaning. It is overthinking about anything that creates negative feelings. Other common symptoms of Overthinking are:
• Constantly staying in the moments you live in the past
Continually fictionalizing the events you think you will experience in your head
• Re-living embarrassing moments in your mind
• Feeling alone and helpless while making a new decision
• Sleeping, eating, chatting etc. at night. instead of constantly thinking

Can We Call Overthinking an Overthinking Disease or an Overthinking Problem?

Overthinking Problem
Overthinking can lead to sleepless nights, feeling psychologically inadequate, unproductive, and unnecessarily stressed. Even if the subject you are thinking about is an ordinary one, unfortunately, sometimes you cannot avoid thinking. In your head, you may be under the influence of the urge to think endlessly about many things at the same time. You can write scenarios for hours, sometimes even days, on an event that never happened. It is not wrong to call it a disease as it negatively affects your quality of life and stresses you out. If you want to find out if you have persistent thinking disorder OTesting for verthinking syndrome is not the first time to detect this, first of all you need to be aware of yourself. You can test your own overthinker phase, starting with whether it’s normal for that topic to actually take that long when making a decision.

Is There a Cure for Overthinking?

Overthinking Treatment
At the point where we call overthinking a disease, it is also necessary to mention its treatment. Overthinking can be easily overcome with professional psychological support. But in general, we will try and change in your own life, and you can overcome it with some small things. Many individuals state that they can overcome this with some good suggestions.

What Should Be Done To Not Think Too Much? How to Overcome Overthinking?

what to do not to think
There are a few small points you need to know to reduce overthinking and overcome overthinking syndrome. Actually, I’m sure you’re aware of it too, but you’ll still want to hear it from someone else. Because it’s all psychology. You can get over it by following the right tactics. Remember, you are the one who creates the thoughts in your head and it is up to you to destroy them. Here are 9 tips you should follow!

1) Overthinking does not open doors that have not been opened for you.

You need to know that overthinking will not show you something you do not know, and that it is not pregnant with new ideas. Thinking too much does not mean thinking efficiently. On the contrary, thinking too much causes stress, and it can result in you feeling inadequate about the things you know.
One of the most important steps in coping with this habit is to notice the moments when you start to think too much. When you start to feel stressed, imagine yourself as a third person watching from the outside, not in the center of the subject you are thinking about. This will raise awareness.

2) Realize that the decisions you make will not be the end.

Overthinking syndrome can appear in your head at the speed of light when you think you need to make the right decision, that is, in your most vulnerable moments. “It’s not the end of the world, is it.” I’ll make the cliché right here. Yes, because the decisions you really make will not end the world, unless you press the red button of a weapon of mass destruction. If you realize this, it will not only prevent you from overthinking, but will also make you more at peace with yourself.

“Overthinking is the art of creating problems that don’t exist.”

3) Fill your spare time, but not by thinking!

Thinking may sound like a mental sport, but if it triggers overthinking, it may be better for you to give up on this sport for both your mental and physical health. When you get into your bed in your busy days, this is the only time you have for yourself and your thoughts that day, and it’s a day without overthinking! What I will say is that when you have so much to add to yourself, don’t stop and wander around dead-end streets for hours, think about it, of course, but if your path leads somewhere.

4) Give yourself time to think.

You can set a time frame for yourself to overthink. In this way, instead of thinking in detail about dozens of scenarios that will occur in your mind in the middle of a plan and interrupting the plan, you can occupy your mind with these scenarios in the “overthinking time” you set aside for yourself. Think about what you want to think in this extra-thinking time you set aside for yourself. You can think of anything you can think of without limiting the topics. Being aware of this time, you can get rid of the things that come to your mind more easily while doing your daily work. You don’t need to suppress whatever comes to mind. Postponing will also reduce the intensity of the subject at that moment.

5) Approach the events with skepticism, investigate.

Believing in certain things as if they are true without being 100% sure that they are true can be disappointing. This can cause you to overthink in subsequent decision-making. Because once your tongue is burned. Do not blindly believe in something, research, question.
The situations in which we live in the moment sometimes seem to us as too big and too bad to be overcome. When we look back after a certain time, “How small it was.” they turn into a problem you say. When you encounter such a situation, what you need to do is to look back a year from now and question how important this event will be in your life.

6) As you gain experience, you will start to think more efficiently.

Through experience, our life is built like a wall. So don’t be afraid to take action. The actions that will end up right or wrong, good or bad, will be the key points that make you who you are. If you deal not only with your own problems, but also with the problems of the people around you, actions that do not bind you at all, but that you can follow all the steps of, will also be recorded as an experience. You can also see a larger area as you will be the outsider when trying to solve someone else’s problems. In this way, you can produce more successful solutions because you will have the experience of looking at the events from the outside in any situation that happens to you. In short, you don’t have to be perfect, just live and add something to yourself.

7) Try to get away from your stress by typing for 10 minutes.

This article is actually about a little game you can play with yourself. For just 10 minutes, write down on a piece of paper the things that make you stressed, unhappy, tense, worried. Then crumple it up and throw it away. The reason you do this is to embody all those thoughts running through your mind. The ink you will see on the paper will actually enable you to see your problems in a tangible way. Thoughts that are abstract seem to be endless, but they are not. You’re just giving them too much space.

8) Focus on what you do, not the result.

The Mahabharata Epic is the longest poem ever written. In this epic, it is emphasized that life has four purposes. These purposes are: dharma (the code of virtue and moral conduct), artha (depicted as purpose, cause, and motive), kama (symbolizing desire with emotional pleasure), and moksha (liberation and liberation).
In the part of the book that focuses on dharma, the main idea is given as follows: The way to fulfill your important duty in life and achieve happiness is to focus on the effort you have to put in. It emphasizes that you should focus on your momentary effort, not the results of that effort.
Focusing on the result increases your stress. Before taking an exam, “If I get a low score, I can’t pass the class.” If you start working with such a thought, you will not be able to get efficiency without working. An inefficient work also causes poor results. When you do what you have to do without focusing on what the result will be, you can drive away the bad thoughts in your head.
Do not forget to focus on the main, what you are doing so that you can overcome the overthinking syndrome.

9) Reshape your focus.

Trying not to think about things is the hardest part. The more you try to ignore it, the more visible it becomes. There are two things you need to do in this situation: the short-term solution is to occupy yourself with another activity, and the long-term solution is to change the object of your concern.
You can chat with a friend over coffee, participate in various activities to tire yourself out physically, or do sports. You can take 20-minute naps during the day. By keeping yourself busy, you can distract your thoughts.
When we come to a long-term solution, the first thing you need to do is to identify the object of your worries and negative emotions. I can explain with an example: When someone you love dies, you may think that you didn’t pay enough attention to them while they were alive. What you need to do at this point is to stop worrying about it and focus on other loved ones around you. In order not to experience the same regret again, you can be generous in showing your love to those around you.
You may be in low mood for arguing with someone. So, what you need to do in this situation is to think about arguing all the time? No, on the contrary, you can put aside your moodiness and focus on what you enjoy doing. You can take a picture or chat with a loved one.

Overthinking the Habit of Overthinking and Its Solution

overthinking habit and solution
These 9 items are small but powerful steps that can take you away from overthinking syndrome. If you accept yourself as you are, you will know your best self. You will realize that all your worries that touch beyond that will be unfounded. Unfortunately, this is very easy to say, but it can be quite difficult to put into action, perhaps because of our ego.
If you think you have a monotonous life, make new decisions, adopt new habits. Change your lifestyle, even. Because overthinking, which knows when you have free time in monotony, pushes you towards itself. Involuntarily, you start thinking too. So don’t be afraid of change. Don’t wait for the right time, just take action. Maybe you will find yourself in a place you never thought possible and that will make you happy, who knows? 🙂
Extremely important note : Don’t think too much about Overthinking when you read the article. ¯(ツ)/¯ So , as a professional overthinker, continue your life with awareness, a professional Overthinker is aware of the situation and knows that he thinks enough at that moment and takes action, or as soon as he leaves that event there, he has learned to control his mind .

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