Learning Technique Used by Entrepreneurs Like Zuckerberg, Musk: The 20 Hour Rule

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In today’s world, it is very easy to reach information, but it is a difficult process for all of us to learn the information fully and make it an area of expertise. But how did successful people, like Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, equip themselves so well at a young age?
The answer is not extraordinary intelligence, nor is it an inhumane work process… In fact, the answer lies in integrating an easy method that everyone can apply in their lives in a disciplined way.
According to scientist and author Josh Kauffman, whatever you want to learn – be it playing an instrument, mastering a new language or a subject – you can do it all in 20 hours.
Josh Kauffman says that for this learning process to take place successfully, it must first be practiced with discipline. With this way of learning, it is enough to study the subject you want to specialize in for an average of 45 minutes a day.
The important thing here is to spend the time you will study by really focusing and only doing studies on the subject you want to learn. In short, you need to use your 20 hours in the most efficient way by dividing them into days.

Author Kauffman also draws attention to the learning method of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of the United States of America. Namely, Benjamin Franklin is a name who has succeeded in closing the gap of school education, which he could only receive for 3 years, with this method he called “Planned Learning”.
His technique is also referred to as the “5 Hour Rule”. This technique is essentially the same as the 20 hour rule. Because Benjamin Franklin was able to have sufficient equipment at the end of 1 month by dedicating an hour to the subject he wanted to learn in line with the goals he set from Monday to Friday.

All the other details of the 20 Hour Rule are in Josh Kauffman’s TED talk:

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