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Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas

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Sherlock Holmes, who was born in London in 1976 and whose popularity has been increasing day by day with the Avengers movie, Strange, The Imitation Game, Star Trek, etc. I have brought together the recommendations of the successful actor Benedict Cumberbatch on success. Happy reading!

1) Pursue excellence.

Benedict Cumberbatch says we will never be able to perfect what we do. According to him, this is almost impossible. He says he doesn’t know anyone who does his job perfectly and flawlessly. He says that perfection is unattainable for him, but it is necessary to constantly pursue and chase this unattainable. He emphasizes that this should be the main source of our motivation and that it is a kind of magic.

2) Learn to be altruistic.

What Cumberbatch said in an interview reveals his commitment to sacrifice. The conversations in the interview are as follows:
Presenter: You are fully committed to every role you play. So I thought, what are the sacrifices you have to make when you are fully committed to a role?
Cumberbatch: I will speak for the acting profession. Uncertain working hours, sometimes working all night, weird anti-social days and disappearing weekends. Forget about your social life too. You can’t find time to see your family. You can’t see your friends. Because you have been removed from the reality of your life in order to achieve a given goal. So there is some kind of comparison. I guess you’re sacrificing a part of yourself. Because you’re revealing it.
Whatever you are doing, you have to give a part of yourself. And you don’t lose doing it, you win by doing it. But you have to suppress and control some instincts you have in order to stay true to a character that can’t really be the same as you.

3) Work hard.

I really loved my education life. I gained some of my greatest life partners in those years and had wonderful experiences. And we all worked really hard on the stage plays we produced. I have worked so hard on what we have produced that, in a way, I am representative of the old theater system in England. This system was very difficult. Three different characters and three different worlds…

4) Let him be challenged.

What drives me is seeing a challenge and seeing that I can win it in a way that makes my friends and family proud. Part of that is being excited about what you’re going to do. As I dedicate myself to these challenges, although I am an adrenaline junkie, I often think that I am in danger because of my job. But to succeed you need stability, you need stamina. You need to be able to maintain your point of view and experience and feel safe in what you do. So take on the challenges, that’s how you’ll get stronger.

5) Honor the past and learn from it.

I went to school in a city with buildings that are 400 years old. It was something inspiring. This meant that in everything I did, I could always see what the past had become and understand that we were not far from it. Indeed, we are not far from the past. And it is very important to recognize him, honor him and learn from him.

6) Respect your customers.

In another interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, the following dialogue takes place:
Host: You have an incredible fan base for your work on Sherlock. And with Star Trek, that has only increased. So, did you get scared to work with such a movie franchise, which now has a rich history and sets high expectations in every production?
Cumberbatch: Basically, I watched JJ Abrams’ first Star Trek movie, which first came out in 2009, and that made me realize that the franchise is in very good hands. On the other side is the Trekkies audience, who are Star Trek fans. I respect them very much. Trekkies isn’t just the name of a group of fans, it’s about a level of knowledge, background and experience. This situation changes the balance in this culture. The expectations of this audience are taking over your creative processes. Yes, I think I had my fears that were rightly there because of their presence. I have been criticized by them from time to time. I have to say though that they are all wonderful people.

7) Have fun!

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