6 Reasons Intelligent People Aren’t Happy

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I find.”
-Ernest Hemingway

When everything is going perfectly in our lives, we can suddenly feel lonely, sad and helpless. We call this situation that smart people experience at many times of the day as “not being happy”. Here are the reasons behind the dissatisfaction syndrome experienced by intelligent people.

1) They Over-Analyze Everything

They tend to think too much in every situation that happens to them in their daily life or business life. Their thinking time is longer than most people. Even though the results will upset them, they do not stop thinking. They are very concerned with environmental issues. Although they seem to be indifferent to the environment, they are the ones who are most interested.

2) They Have High Standards

Intelligent people are aware of what they want and want their wishes may come true. They are not satisfied with less. If possible, they want more. They don’t hesitate to ask for more, whether it’s friendships, family or work relationships.
Their desires push them to idealistic thoughts. They create an ideal and pursue it. Disappointment is inevitable for them as their expectations are defeated by the reality of life.

3) They Are Strict Against Themselves

They are very strict with themselves when putting them into practice, whether it be their ideal thoughts or their lifestyle. Deep-minded people blame themselves for their failures and begin their careful analysis.

Intelligent people are always on a quest. They enjoy chasing the unreachable. It is not enough for them to have the little things in life, they do not chase after the little things. The facts they learn or the knowledge they have are insufficient for them. There is always a hunger for learning.

5) They Suffer from a Lack of Communication

Not being fully understood by the other person is a situation that upsets the individual. Communication provides interaction between people. Intelligent people often lack these interactions. When they can’t share their views with someone else, they feel the lack even if they don’t express it. Their desire to socialize also decreases over time and they begin to isolate themselves from the outside.

6) Some Have Psychological Problems

They have to face some problems such as social anxiety or stress disorder. Many studies have revealed that IQ level triggers some diseases. Under these circumstances, they cannot fully clarify their creative thinking or bring their brilliant ideas to light.
People struggling with mental problems are prone to depression, and smart people can show this tendency without going through certain stages. They think that depression underlies the unbearable lightness of their own purpose of existence.
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