What is Feminine Energy? How to Upgrade?

When we are born, our gender is only written as male or female. So are we limited to just those? Is it the masculine and feminine energy within us that makes us male or female? No! Not every woman with feminine energy can be defined as a man with masculine energy.

What is Feminine Energy?

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Every woman has masculine as well as feminine energy, and of course every man has feminine as well as masculine energy. So what determines our gender is not the masculine or feminine energy within us. The feminine and masculine energy that resides within us do not necessarily have to be balanced. As a matter of fact, our character, mood and movements, even the activities we enjoy doing can change due to the fact that it is not balanced and someone is more intense.

We see in every part of our lives that the concept of “balance” directs our lives. Keep the balance between good and bad, positive and negative, yin and yang… If one of these opposite elements is not present, the other will have no meaning. It cannot exist. The existence of balance also needs these two opposite elements. The moment the two elements conflict, there is movement, real energy emerges. Our energies are interrelated but opposite as black and white: masculine and feminine energies.

In order for us to act, we need to strike a proper balance. A balance established without destroying the other. We must preserve the masculinity in the feminine and the feminine in the masculinity. Because we need it. When you have a problem, you know that there is a solution within you. The fact that your problem is not unsolvable is due to the fact that they are one, just like the energies within us. They are intertwined. This balance is revealed very well in the yin and yang that most of us are familiar with. Yin is used to represent feminine energy while yang represents masculine energy. And if you visualize this beautiful shape, you will notice that there is a point in each of them.

When we look at the energies within us, we cannot, nor should we, come to definite conclusions about them, such as they must be one way or the other. We should let these energies flow within us and not fit them into patterns. That’s the only rule that has to be made: don’t fit in the molds! Let’s let our feelings, happiness and preferences be things that we can choose without thinking, as we feel. So, how can we have certain feelings and orientations without even thinking about it, without even thinking about it? Most people do not know which of our actions, desires, and choices are masculine and which feminine. They may not even know that these are due to the energies we have.

We should say that both of our energies have some unique features that they add to us. Women generally behave like this, so it would be wrong to say that this behavior is caused by feminine energy and vice versa. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, our energies are independent of our genders, and using genders to make sense of these energies will lead us to erroneous results.

Masculine energy represents our upper body, the mental strength we have, the warrior spirit that exists within us, and the speech act we use to explain ourselves. It enables to perform and initiate movement and events. Feminine energy, on the other hand, responds to an effect shown. It is the source of our sides that are in favor of defending rather than fighting, open to self-sacrifice, calm and close to believing. Unlike masculine energy, feminine energy is an energy that needs motivation to act by staying cooler rather than hot and fast. We can say that this type of energy, which is more intense in our right brain, is our source of inspiration. In addition to the strong feelings it gives us, it also makes us passionate about our freedom. In addition to all these contributions, it can be said that it is our deepest side, thanks to our devotion to creation.

Dominant Energy

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Let’s come to what our dominant energy will add to us. We can distinguish people whose feminine energy is more intense than masculine energy, thanks to some observations. The most distinctive features of individuals with dominant feminine energy are that their altruistic side is above their rational side. They do not need intense power, they are extremely harmonious and care about love. Their giving aspects are so intense that their self-confidence is not high, and for this reason, if a crime is to be sought, they definitely look for it in themselves. As can be seen from all these features, they are not good at rejecting. Even if they do come up with a plan, it doesn’t take long for them to mess it up.

As a result of suppressing all these beauties provided by the feminine energy, the balance is so confused that this energy, which we know by providing emotional and spiritual intensity, turns all the features it provides upside down. These great earthquakes that people experience in their souls affect the flow of life negatively.

Trying to suppress your energies means trying to escape from yourself. However, in every move you make, you must be aware that masculine and feminine energies work together as a team. Let’s say you want to paint a picture. While the source of this desire and inspiration born within you is undoubtedly feminine energy, the source of all your movements that allow you to buy canvas and mix colors is masculine energy. Now stop and think. In fact, in every step you take, in every decision you make, how do these opposite energies in you work like a team, right? How they are inseparable. One is never superior to the other, they need each other.

Elements that do not make sense on their own, but can reflect their strength and characteristics to you when and only when they are intertwined. You will be able to take a step towards a more balanced, more productive life by realizing these facts, by understanding them and adopting all this unity. You should try to establish the balance by avoiding making one of the two stronger or sharper. Only in this way can you feel that your life is balanced.

How Can You Raise Your Feminine Energy?

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First of all, you should be proud of yourself for this awareness. We are trying to live in such a period that we can’t spare time for ourselves, in fact, we can’t even find time to think about how we feel. In all this hustle and bustle, you are taking a big step to bring yourself, and therefore your life, into balance and find peace. Let’s come to what you need to do after this awareness. First of all, let me state that this should not be a one-off. You should increase the number of these moments when you question yourself and explore the depths of your inner world.

First of all, it will make your job easier to find the reasons that cause your low feminine energy.

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Please do not skip this step. No solution can be found without going to the basics. You may have fears that cause you to suppress the feminine energy within you.

Through meditation, you can find, accept, and transcend yourself.


Believe me, even if you take this step, it will be very good for you. The general purpose of your meditation should be to find and increase the happiness of having feminine energy. Due to this energy that has been suppressed until today, your inner world may be darkened and your soul may be tired. These darkenings in your inner world overshadow and suppress your feminine energy. You have to teach yourself to love your body, starting by teaching you to love the feminine in you and stepping out gradually. You will shine thanks to that unstoppable power in this simplicity. Let’s learn the stages of this meditation.

1) Just like any other meditation, find a position where you feel comfortable.

If you want, you can lean on your back at first. You can sit cross-legged or otherwise keep your feet close to your body. Let your arms hang over the sides of your body, rest them on your knees, or cross them over your womb. Here I should add that you do not need to have a womb to do this meditation. It is enough to have an area in your lower abdomen that you feel gives you strength. In fact, if you feel this power in other parts of your body, keep your hands there. My advice is to try to find the place where you feel the intensity of your feminine energy and keep your hands there. Because you will get the power from that area. The most important thing here is that you feel comfortable. Maintain your uprightness and take a deep breath.

2) Don’t bother to isolate yourself from all negative thoughts.

Don’t try not to think. Let all thoughts, sounds or images, good or bad, comforting or reactionary, flow through your mind like water. Don’t dwell on them, let them flow. Try to feel what a powerful force there is in that feminine energy slot right at your fingertips. If you want to embody it, close your eyes and try to imagine what the energy looks like. Think of the power in your silence. Send your consciousness to that point. Imagine that you are exhaling from there, that that very area is your thinking center.

3) Now it’s time to talk!

talk to him. Tell him how valuable it is, how lucky you are to have it. You can do this aloud, or you can do it by feeling in your inner world. This is entirely up to you. As noted above, do not take any of these actions as if it were a rule. Do as you feel. Create your own truth.

4) Your body may or may not be suitable for giving birth to a human.

This is not something that will affect your feminine energy. Remind yourself of this. Try to feel how creative the feminine energy within you is. Feel the power of existence in all your veins. Realize how powerful this is. Discover the creative spirit that production awakens in you. Thank him for his presence. If you have a body suitable for giving birth to humans, remind and thank your body, your inner self, of its power. After all these steps, slowly open your eyes. You may have cried, smiled, or felt surprised at this stage. These are very natural and relaxing actions. Please express your feelings without hesitation. This is a relaxation session. Remind yourself of that. When you complete the steps, you will feel more relaxed and even healed. Enjoy this peace of returning to yourself.

We must support our feminine energy and motivate it.

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Taking deep breaths in an open area and walking slowly but surely in nature will make a great contribution to you. When you realize that there is an energy that needs to be ignited within you, the best thing you can do for yourself is to throw yourself into nature.

Another activity that will help you unleash your feminine energy is dancing!

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Yes dance. To dance without trying to find a rhythm, without trying to find meaningful movements. You have to open a song you love and immerse yourself in that song. Let every word be your arms and feet. Leave the control completely in the hands of the feminine energy within you.

Another activity you can do to awaken your creative side is painting.

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‘I’m not good at this’, ‘I don’t have colored pencils’, ‘Do I need to buy canvas now?’ Throw all questions like this out of your mind right away. All you need is a paper and a pen. Of course, even if you need to draw colorful or huge pictures of yourself, do not pressure yourself. There are no rules here. You can calmly draw whatever comes to your mind, you can just scribble on the paper. What I enjoy doing the most is to sing a song and leave the pen in the hands of the notes. Whatever the song makes you feel, whatever the pen hears in that song, I put it on paper. If the thought of painting made you nervous at first, please try this method as well.


I hope you have happy days where you do not deprive yourself of the peace of feminine energy.

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