Has a monthly income of 10.000 TL: Is it possible to become rich with 50 sheep?

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Bilim Hayvanı

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22 September 2021

Let’s escape from the crowd of the city and settle in a small city. We sow and reap ourselves, and we look after the sheep. We lead a natural life in clean air.
Crowded cities are becoming uninhabitable day by day. Can you see the sky when you look from the balcony? So, can you pick out the stars at night? Cities can be seen as living spaces full of opportunities and innovations. However, there are also opportunities in fresh air and nature. For example, you can become rich with 50 sheep a year. I’m not talking about an opportunity to get rich without working, but you can get rich if you take advantage of it. Let’s see together.

Veterinarian Yasin Eymen Çelik shares his experiences on social media platforms. These income-expense financial calculations are also his own.

Yasin Eymen Çelik, a graduate of Uludağ University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, tells about his experiences and knowledge on various platforms for those who want to consciously do animal husbandry.

Yes, it’s time to calculate!

The first thing we have to do is get 50 breeding sheep. Now, if we make an average calculation, the price of a Karacabey breeding sheep can vary between 1,800 lira and 2,200 lira. Since we will make an average calculation, a Karacabey breeding sheep 2,000 We start by assuming that we get it in lira. In this situation 50 breeding sheep with 100,000 liras we can get.

So, where are we going to look after these animals?

We bought 50 sheep, but we also need a small cattle house to look after these animals. There are many different options for the dam. However, the most ideal and cheap one for the beginning is the tent. An average of 125 square meters is sufficient for our 50 sheep and later for our lambs. So, how much should we spend for the tent? The average price of the tent we will use for 1 square meter area is 130 TL. In this case, for our 125 square meter area 16,250 We’re going to need a ten-dollar tent.

The feeder, waterer and pasture we need to feed the sheep.

In order for the sheep to feed and drink water, we need feeders, drinkers and grazing facilities that each of them can use separately. The average cost of these in the first place 4,000 to 5,000 between pounds. But remember, this expense will be for the equipment you will use for many years. Once you buy it, you won’t have to spend years on these products again.
When we add this cost, it’s more or less. 120,000 We can start this business with lira.

We spent 120,000 liras. So how do we win?

We will start to earn an income by selling the lambs born from our 50 Karacabey sheep that we bought in the first place. Since the fertility of Karacabey sheep is around 145%, their numbers will increase day by day when proper conditions are provided.

After 5 months of pregnancy, the lambs are taken care of by their mothers for about 3 months.

A sheep’s pregnancy and baby care process takes 8 in total. In other words, a sheep can give birth 3 times in 2 years.

In the scenario that each sheep gives 1 calf a year, we have a total of 150 lambs in 2 years.

We considered the scenario where each sheep gives 1 calf, but the rate of twins is 50% for these sheep. So some births may be twins and we may have more lambs than we expected. Without forgetting that death is as likely as birth, let’s give the following ratio: If there is no such thing as an epidemic, the mortality rate of lambs is 10%.

When we recalculate by considering birth and death together, the average number of lambs is 100 at the end of 1 year. The income of 100 sheep is 200,000 liras.

Of course, not all of these 200,000 liras will remain as profit. Electricity, water, heating etc. When we calculate the expenses and the share we give to the personnel we employ, our annual expense is average. 144,000 liras happens around.

How much will we earn monthly?

According to the first scenario, our monthly average earnings in case we employ staff and use tents as a roof. 4.600 pounds will be around.
If you say let me take care of the sheep in the pasture and take them out to graze, your monthly income is average. 6.350 lira will be.
If you say that you don’t need to employ someone with me, I will take care of all the maintenance by myself, the monthly average 10,350 lira you will earn.

If you can’t sell the lambs and have to send the town…

We always talked about the best-case scenario. There is also the sad part of this. If you cannot sell the lambs and have to send them to the town, then you will be able to sell them for 1,100 liras. This means that your monthly income will decrease to 2,850 liras.
If you want to listen to all this from the mouth of veterinarian Yasin Eymen Çelik:

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