The Phrase We Should Remind Ourselves At Every Moment Of Life: Memento Mori

“Live each day as if it’s your last, and one day you’ll be right.” — Steve Jobs

The above quote is one of Steve Jobs’s generic, well-known sayings. Of course, there is not only Jobs’ thought behind this statement. This saying is actually the motto that has been underlined by the sages for years and reminds people that life is not eternal. It highlights the importance of not procrastinating.

Memento Mori: Of course you will die one day, remember that and live now.

Let’s be honest, we don’t appreciate the time we lose while being swept away in the hustle and bustle of life, wasting our time on unnecessary things or procrastinating.
This is not just today’s problem. The concept of Memento Mori emerged centuries ago when people were experiencing the same problem. They advise us to spend the time we have to be happy as each day progresses to the end in a life with an end. Contrary to popular belief, the main point is to do what needs to be done at the first opportunity, instead of wasting the time in life as if there is no tomorrow.
Memento Mori is not just a phrase that Steve Jobs reminded himself in his life: From past to present, people have become immortal in the pages of history by reminding themselves of death . The words and actions of people like Bruce Lee, Marcus Aurelius, Steve Jobs pointed to Memento Mori.

“No one will lose another life than the one he is living now, nor will he live another life than the one he is losing now.” —Marcus Aurelius

The ‘time limited’ pressure that people put on themselves has made the time they have more valuable. Thus, they lived without delaying anything, wasting their time on reaching their goals, and knowing the value of what they had. Along with this, they had a more successful, fuller and happier life.
This mindset also kept people strong about the challenges they faced. Most people agree that there is nothing more serious than death. If there is no death at the end of an event, it can be overcome one way or another. Thanks to this thought, you can realize that the temporary problems you are magnifying are not so vital and big.

Before it’s too late, walk the path you want to move forward, remove the things you waste your time from and move forward towards the life you dream of living. One thing always keep in mind:

You will not exist forever.

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