How to Drink Wine: There’s Etiquette for Drinking Wine

“How to drink wine?” Would you like to take a closer look at the answer to the question? First of all, let’s start with a little more detailed information about wine. Wine is a type of alcoholic beverage that can be obtained from fermented grape juice. In fact, although wine can be made with any fruit, there are some reasons why grapes are preferred.

First of all, the presence of a natural acid (tartaric) in the grape helps preserve the wine for a long time. The fact that the sugar content of grapes is higher than other fruits allows to obtain a higher alcohol drink from it. In addition, the tannin of grapes forms the backbone of red wines. Well, do you know how to drink this indispensable and enjoyable beverage for your loved ones?

What are the Wine Types?

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Wines; They can be diversified according to their color or the amount of sugar they contain. Wines by color is the distinction that everyone knows in general. They are divided into red wine, white wine or rosé/pink wine.

While red wine is produced by fermentation of black grape must, white wine is obtained from white grapes or only the must of black grapes. The method of rosé wine may vary. It can be obtained by blending red and white wine in a certain amount, while keeping the production time short and not taking its color completely, it is a method.

Considering the amount of sugar they contain, wines are; It is separated as sek, demi-sek, semi-sweet or sweet. According to this range, dry wine contains a maximum of 4 grams of sugar in 1 liter, while this goes up to 45 grams in sweet wine.


Wine; It is a complete ceremony with its products that go well with its tasting, drinking or side. There are many terms suitable for this etiquette. The most commonly used ones are listed below with their meanings.

Weight: This is the feeling left on the tongue by those who are good during wine tasting.

Apelation: It is the region where the grapes from which the wine is made are grown.

Leg: Before drinking the wine, it is shaken with light circular movements in the glass and leaves a trace in the glass. The trace left by the wines with high alcohol content is more pronounced than the others, and the trace left by the wine after this movement is called the leg.

Degustation: It is the name used to evaluate the properties of wine during tasting. In the meantime, while determining the positive aspects of the wine, its flaws are also determined.

Texture: It is the feel of the wine in the mouth.

Onology: The branch of science dealing with wines.

Rizerva: It is said to aged and quality wines.

Someliye: It is said to the one of the waiters who is only in charge of wine service.

Specific terms related to wine are not limited to those listed above. Listed here are terms that are more likely to be used. For those concerned, we can say that there are many times more than this.

How to Drink Wine

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Now we come to our main question: How to drink wine? According to the types, even the glasses to be used for drinking differ. For example, red wines are drunk with a narrow, wide-mouthed glass. This is because you can feel the intensity of the aroma. White wines, on the other hand, are drunk in glasses with a flat top and a stem.

While drinking wine, the glass is not completely filled, it is put a little more than half at the most. While drinking, small sips are taken and not swallowed immediately. The flavor of the wine should be taken between the tongue and the palate.

While white wine is usually consumed with white meats, red wine is also consumed with red meats. Besides the wine, different kinds of cheeses and snacks with intense spice can be consumed apart from meals. Although the variety can be increased according to taste, there are some foods that are not recommended to be consumed with wine. For example, artichokes, salads, sweet foods are some of them.

How should the wine glass be held?

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Since the inside temperature changes even according to the color of the wine, the grip of the glass will affect the flavor of the wine you drink at that moment. For this reason, you will need to hold the glass from the foot part, not the balloon part. Thus, the heat of your hand will not affect the wine in the glass and there will be no change in its taste.

Some Tips on Wine

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If you are going to consume wine at a dinner party, make sure that your first bite is not foods such as salad or pickles. Because of the taste these will leave, the wine will feel more acidic than it is.

If you know which type of wine is a good companion to which dishes, you will enjoy the food you eat and the wine you drink. If you pay attention to this at the next invitation and place your order, you will see the difference.

Wine doesn’t get along well with some flavors no matter what. The most obvious example of these are mint flavors. If you drink wine with a minty taste in your mouth, it will probably be the worst wine you’ve ever tasted.


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