10 Routines You Should Have For A More Productive Day

When you wake up in the morning, do not forget to ask questions about your image in the mirror. The first question you will ask is “If today was my last day, what would I like to do? ” Wake up in the most energetic state possible, as if today is your last day. You have such beautiful plans to make, none of them should be postponed!

So what are the routines you need to find this energy in yourself and have more productive days? We’ve compiled it for you below!

1) Be sure to start your day with exercise.

Studies have shown that people who exercise before work days have a more positive outlook and greater problem-solving capacity. Moving your body for at least 10 minutes is the biggest factor in activating the neurotransmitters that calm your brain and keep you in control. Morning exercises should be one of your indispensable routines to keep your energy at the highest point throughout the day.

2) Drinking lemon juice is more effective than you think.

Drinking some lemon juice to get out of bed as soon as possible will sharpen your physical and mental energy, allowing you to move faster. At the same time, lemon juice renews your natural energy source throughout the day by increasing nutrient absorption in your stomach.

3) Avoid looking at screens until breakfast.

If the first thing to do in the morning is to check Facebook and e-mail notifications; You are one step closer to losing your attention. Beware of! It is beneficial to spend your precious first minutes with melodies that calm you more. Waking up by looking out the window and watching the birds may seem like a waste of time, but we can guarantee that it will greatly reduce your focus problem for the rest of the day.

4) Have a real breakfast.

The idea of having breakfast has become a second or third plan for many people out of laziness, but people who eat a real breakfast have more stable blood sugar levels and a lower risk of obesity. A healthy breakfast is the key to a productive day. Don’t forget breakfast. It energizes you, strengthens short-term memory and allows you to concentrate more intensely for longer periods!

5) Set your daily goals.

Research has shown that people who set concrete goals have greater self-confidence and a more determined control mechanism. Small to do lists that you prepare will be your biggest guide in planning your time throughout the day.

6) Keep your work area clean.

The state of your workspace greatly affects your ability to concentrate , even if you are not aware of it. Clutter is the biggest factor that distracts you from the work you want to do. The root of all concentration-related clutter problems is related to the state of your workspace. It’s not for nothing that they say that the lion can be seen from his bed!

7) Don’t let your morning meetings get out of your control.

It may be the right behavior to put a meeting in the early hours of the morning. The gathering of people whose minds are not tired will always bring more vivid ideas, but anyway, don’t let your whole day pass with a meeting by saying the first hours of the morning. Ensuring time control of your morning programs will make the day run more efficiently.

8) Don’t run around!

Multi-tasking personalities, that is, people with a lot of tasks, may always be one step ahead, but according to research, multi-tasking people display their productivity and performance at a lower level than they really are. Remember that your brain can focus on a maximum of two tasks at a time, and don’t get bogged down in succession.

9) Know how to say no!

“No” is the most powerful word that can save your precious mornings. It has been observed that people who can say no and learn to refuse gently face fewer difficulties and have a less stressful life. Making it your routine to use the word no will not only relax your mood, but also increase your productivity.

10) Put it all together!

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