What is Sociology Department? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

Tercih Yapacak Adaylar İçin Faydalı, Bilgilendirici ve İlham Dolu İçerikler

The most important questions about the Department of Sociology, its opportunities abroad, its future, job opportunities, graduates, areas of expertise, difficulties and many more were answered by Dicle Temiz , a student of the Department of Sociology at Bilgi University.
Department of Sociology

What is the Department of Sociology?

The sociology department, also known as social science among the people; It is a science that examines different cultures, intercultural relations and everything about society. It tries to understand different cultures by showing that there are different lifestyles from the ordinary.

Who can be successful in this department?

People who love to question, research and tolerate differences can be successful in my field of sociology.

What do sociology graduates do?

Sociology graduates can work in any field related to society and people.

What courses are offered in the department?

Gender, urbanization, globalization, social and cultural anthropology, sociology of culture, change in contemporary Turkish society

What are the challenges of the department?

Culture and society are living living mechanisms. This means that there is never an end point in the field of sociology. In addition, the examination of every area of life necessitates continuous self-development.

What are the job and internship opportunities of the department?

Almost every municipality employs sociologists. This increases the internship opportunities of sociology students who want to. In addition, you can do internship in all non-governmental organizations or work after graduation. Finally, companies can easily find job opportunities in the human resources department.

What is the future of the Department of Sociology?

The importance of sociology has been understood more recently, as the value of the culture in which one lives is increasing day by day. Many companies in all countries act by understanding the society they are in. This increases the future value of sociology.

How much salary do new graduates of the Department of Sociology get?

New graduates can start to work in a price range such as the minimum wage – 3000, depending on the field they work in.

How are the foreign opportunities of the department or sector?

Since it is a field that studies societies and cultures, research can be done anywhere in the world or a job related to this field can be done. Since it is a field that is available in every university, anyone can study and work abroad.

What areas can sociology graduates specialize in?

It can be specialized as a sociologist and academician in non-governmental organizations, human resources departments in companies, municipalities.

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