7 Times Back from the Dead: The World’s Unluckiest Lucky

It is said that cats have 9 lives, this man has experienced dangers that no cat could have come across. He managed to survive 7 times. We’re not talking about James Bond. This person is Frane Selak, a Croatian music teacher.
Frane Selak was an ordinary music teacher in Croatia. He went down in history as the luckiest unlucky man in the world. Let’s take a look at the dangers of death that he has gone through in order.

1) 1962 Train Wreck

The first of the events that he had experienced so far took place on a winter day in 1962. He was traveling on a train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. Due to a fault on the tracks during the journey, the train derailed and flew into the frozen lake. 17 passengers died. Passengers died in the accident or on the sinking train. Frane, on the other hand, only broke her arm and managed to swim to shore. This accident was the beginning of misfortunes.

2) 1963 Plane Crash

Just a year after the train crash, he must have been frightened by the train, as he was on a small plane to Rijeka, a city in Croatia. While the plane was in the air, both engines stopped, cabin pressure dropped and the plane started to lose altitude. You may think that there is no escape from this. Frane’s bad luck kicked in. A faulty door opened during the fall. A poor passenger jumped out the door. That person, of course, was Frane. Frane, who fell from the plane without his parachute, was sure that he would die this time. The plane crashed on a hill and most of the passengers died. Frane fell on a pile of straw and escaped with minor abrasions.

3) 1965 Bus Crash

Traveling by bus in 1965, the wheels slipped on the ice and flew off the bridge into the valley below. 4 passengers died, Frane survived again as usual.

4) 1970 Car Crash

Now afraid of all public transport, Frane started to travel in her own car. But his bad luck continued. In 1970, the car’s engine caught fire. Frane escaped, throwing herself out before the car exploded.

5) 1973 Car Crash 2

Three years after the first car accident, while driving again, the engine caught fire again due to a problem with the fuel pump. Flames erupted directly into his face from the vent. Although he suffered serious damage from it, he still escaped.

6) 1995 Pedestrian Accident

23 years after his second car accident, a bus hit him. He was still alive.

7) 1996 Cliff Crash

In 1996, a careless truck driver pushed him off the road while he was driving his own car on the edge of a cliff. The car fell 90 meters down and exploded. But Frane wasn’t in the car. He had somehow jumped out the window. He was found clinging to a tree just below the cliff.

At the age of 72, he bought a lottery ticket for the first time in 40 years in 2003. He won the jackpot. He also shared the bonus with his friends.

Frane Selak says the following about these events that happened to her;

“I’m either the unluckiest person in the world or the luckiest. I believe the latter to be true.”

In 2004, Doritos brand made an offer to Selak for a commercial to be shot in Australia. Selak, who initially accepted but later rejected the offer, said, “I don’t want to test my luck.”

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