What a Torpil, How Hard to Work: The Only Key to Success in Everything From Spotify CEO

No matter how busy we think we are, we can use very little of our day productively. Most of the time that we can use efficiently is spent by social media, social environment and many distractions.
At this point, Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, which has millions of users, underlines one point:

Strict time management principles and a determination to focus on priorities are the most fundamental keys to success.

Daniel Ek is obsessively sensitive about it. He strictly limits the time he spends on social media and social media and focuses on his priorities. He says this is his secret to success:

“The time I spend in social environments is very limited and rigid. For most people, social environments are seen as a necessity. People feel compelled to meet people they don’t want even if they don’t want to. Or they put their responsibilities on the back burner to feel good at that moment and kill their time with things that don’t benefit them. “I am firmly committed to my priorities. If social circles are not my priority at the moment, I thank the invitees and politely decline.”

Ek is in favor of using energy correctly, beyond working hard. He also says that the source that ignites his creativity comes from planning:

“People think creativity is a free spirit with no boundaries. That’s totally wrong, the most creative people in the world are those who can plan their creativity.”

He adds that without the right focus, the work will be wasted:

“If you really focus, you can find any idea you want. I have to focus on my goals for days to get to this moment.”

From Daniel Ek’s point of view, being able to draw your own boundaries and focusing correctly is the key to success. This mentality, which may seem too rigid for some people, seems to have worked for Ek.

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