Attention! It’s Redundant: 50 Facts That Are Extremely Useless But So Fun

The era we live in is called the information age. For this reason, knowledge is the key to power, and a knowledgeable person is valuable. But in the age of technology, everyone has so much information about everything that after a while, “information pollution” occurs due to the combination of information with interpretation. In this article, we have compiled information that does not enter into information pollution, but is so unnecessary but also fun that you cannot take the power even if you know. Here is the series of unnecessary information that has been very popular lately…

1) Fish crackers we all know. Here they are not uniform: some fish crackers look right while others look left.

fish crackers

Maybe some of us noticed it when we were kids. Still, it’s just useless information.

2) You’ve probably seen this information circulating on social media: Each “C” in the word “PACIFIC OCEAN” is pronounced differently.

pacific ocean c letters

It’s like magic! :)) If you’ve been wary of yourself and haven’t come across this information, get well soon, we can continue with other information after a little enlightenment.

3) In the sentence “The patient in pajamas Yağız quickly trusted the driver” includes all the letters in our alphabet.

sick in pajamas
Time to find the individual letters and say “yes, it’s true”!

4) The liver of a polar bear is so high in vitamin A that if you eat it, you will die from an overdose.

polar bear

So it’s better if you don’t eat it…

5) Most of us actually know this information; Continent names all start with “A” and end with “A”.


Anyone here remember?

taci cream cheese

If we put out the best useless information book, it is information that will be the cover!

7) Football players run approximately 11 km during an average match.

soccer players dribbling

One of the least redundant information on the list.

8) When the first syllable in the name of TEVFİK FİKRET and the first syllable in the surname are combined, the name becomes; TEV-FİK, when the last syllable in his name is combined with the last syllable of his surname, FIKRET is formed.

tawfik fikret syllable

Even though it tops the list of useless information, this is also extremely good information!

9) The character of Nihal in the series Aşk-ı Memnu, which is watched by everyone, fainted 37 times throughout the series.

love-i memnu nihal fainting

Dear Feriha, 38. Do you want to faint once?

10) If a hippo is upset, its sweat will turn red.

hippo red sweat

This must be what they call “crying blood”. Sad information…

11) This information is somewhat alarming: 12 newborns are delivered to the wrong family every day.

babies - useless information

No this can’t be true!

12) Brazil has the widest road in the world and 160 cars can drive side by side on this road.


Think about it, you have to turn left soon, but you are in the far right lane.

13) Even if the heads of cockroaches are cut off, they can continue to live for about a few more weeks.

useless information - cockroach

What do you mean a few weeks? This is one of the best of the junk information list.

14) You can never remove the letter “M” without touching your lips.

m letter

Don’t try guys, you’ll go crazy.

useless information watching tv

What if we watched the same movie 1000 times or so? Maybe we’ll have watched the whole thing because we’ll blink at different times.

16) If colorants were not used, the original color of coke was green.

green coke

Gotta try it…

17) If the spouses of women in Saudi Arabia ask for coffee and the woman does not make coffee for her husband, this is grounds for divorce.

saudi arabia coffee

18) Iguanas can stay under water for about 28 minutes.

If you were a fish…

19) While humans have 300 bones when they are born, this number drops to 206 when they become adults. In fact, about a quarter of these bones are in the feet.

child adult bone count

Friends are disappearing from the table one by one…

20) The horn of most of the cars sounds with the note “fa”. In addition, the buzzing sound that black flies make is also from the “fa” note.

useless information - car horn fa

In this case, can it be thought that flies are tiny flying cars that constantly honk?

21) Cows love music. In fact, cows will give more milk if they listen to music.

Some of you remember this video.

22) The number of dogs living in America is more than 52 million.

useless information - dogs

This figure is around 11-12 million for Turkey.

23) The number of chickens in the world is more than the number of people.

king chicken

24) Elephants are the only non leaping mammals in the world.

leaping elephant

What about Dumbo the flying elephant?

25) The US state of Florida is larger than the whole of England.

For a country with such a large area, the state system seems logical.

26) The entire national anthem of Greece consists of 158 quatrains. According to rumors, there is no one who knows the national anthem by heart.

greece flag

This is something like an inscription, an inscription.

27) Playing cards used in India are round.

These are the things we know.

28) Butterflies have their sense of taste in their feet.

useless information - butterfly

Enjoying every place you step on… We must be interesting!

29) If Barbie dolls were real people, they would be 175 cm tall, measuring 99-45-83 and wearing size 34 shoes.

useless information - real barbie

In fact, dear Barbie puts it exactly like this: “I’m in perfect form.” Barbie, who is 175 cm tall and weighs 50 kg, has a body mass index of 16.24. This indicates directly that he has anorexia.

30) The novel “Tom Sawyer” is the first novel written on a typewriter.

tom sawyer mark twain

It’s like we can’t call this information superfluous.

31) Mice cannot vomit.

cute mouse

32) Crocodiles cannot stick their tongues out.

Makes sense when you think about it.

33) The fastest growing plant in the world is bamboo. It is known that a bamboo grows up to 90 cm per day.

bamboo forest

If we sit and watch it, can we notice it with our eyes?

34) The longest English word is “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”. And this is the name of a disease.


The longest word in Turkish is known as “as if you are one of those that we may not be able to destabilize”. Another one of the best on our junk information list!

35) Approximate weight of the Earth: 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons.

useless information - weight of the world

Of course, no one sat down. This number was found together with the knowledge of simple laws.

36) A person shares his birthday with about 20 million people.

We share the same birth time interval of the same day with approximately 833 thousand people.

37) When bats come out of their caves, they always turn left first.

cute bat

So why? The reason is unknown.

38) Sea stars do not have brains.

sponge bob and patrick star

Now it’s clear why Patrick Star was so stupid. :))

Other SpongeBob characters you can take a look.

39) No new species has been domesticated for the past 4,000 years.

domestic animals

As mankind adapted to modern life, it did not need to domesticate new species.

40) Casinos in Las Vegas do not have clocks and this is deliberate.

las vegas casino

The aim is to prevent people from noticing how the clock is ticking.

41) Tarantulas can live without food for more than two years.


Isn’t it an amazing trait for survival? It’s like a super power!

42) The “quack” sound that ducks make does not echo.

duck quake

43) Many nursing homes in Germany have fake bus stops. The reason for this is to prevent the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease from leaving their nursing home.

alzheimer's bus stop

These fake stops in front of many nursing homes in Germany offer a last chance for the elderly who are considering escaping from the nursing home even if they have no place to go for various reasons.

44) If you put enough pistachios in a container and close it, it will heat up and explode on its own after a while.

popping pistachios

Don’t try!

45) Babies born in China are considered 1 year old when they are born.

useless information - chinese baby

This must have been a 1-0 lead. :))

46) It is illegal to sell or possess chewing gum in Singapore.

singapore gum ban

If you want to buy gum in Singapore, you have to go to a pharmacy. You have to share your identity information while buying the gum. When we look at what has been told, the story is as follows: There is a breakdown on the first day of the metro in the country, and the government suffers a serious financial loss. Investigating the cause of the malfunction, the authorities determined that a gum was attached to an important sensor in a very sensitive part of the subway and that’s why the malfunction occurred. The country’s government takes a decision and bans chewing gum in the country.

47) Cats cannot taste sweet foods.

pasta yiyen kedi

How can that be when they are so cute?

48) According to the calculations made while investigating the color of the universe, it is explained with a description as “a gloomy shade of the color of the mole skin”. It is officially registered as “beige”.

evrenin rengi

Let’s call it the best Cosmic Latte. :))

49) Nigeria is the country that produces the most films every year in the world. And the name given to this industry is “Nollywood”. An average of 50 films are shot per week in Nollywood.


Take care of Hollywood bro.

50) According to scientists’ research, it is said that Mars has a smell similar to a spoiled egg.

gereksiz bilgiler - mars

As you can see, it is not surprising in any way that you do not know the information listed here. But when it is known and used when the time comes, very entertaining conversations can occur. Keep this information in the back of your mind, who knows, maybe one day something will come up about it in a quiz show or street interview you participated in.

What did we say? Knowledge is power! Knowledgeable people are valuable!

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