SpongeBob Characters: Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Crab and Others

spongebob characters
The SpongeBob characters are definitely worth remembering again. We examine this legendary cartoon brought to us by the Nickelodeon generation and its beloved characters. So, greetings to the children of a period who look forward to the morning generation at the weekend… Let’s leave you alone with the most loved characters of SpongeBob Square Shorts.

1) SpongeBob Square Pants (Square Shorts)

sünger bob kare pantolon
The first name that comes to mind even when SpongeBob characters are mentioned! SpongeBob is our protagonist who gives the cartoon its name. He lives in a furnished pineapple house with his pet snail, Gary. This very optimistic and cheerful character works as a fry cook at a fast-food restaurant called Krusty Krab; He also attends Miss Puff’s Boat School diligently.

2) Patrick

He is a starfish and SpongeBob’s best friend. Famous for the floral swimsuits he wears, Patrick lives under a rock. He is also an extremely understanding and loyal friend, although he is known to be of low intelligence.

3) Mr. Crab

bay yengeç
Owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant and SpongeBob’s boss. He lives in an anchor house with his daughter Pearl Whale. He’s an extremely stingy man, but when it comes to his daughter, he tries hard to make her happy. He does not think about the needs of his employees, his only concern is his own money. He also likes to talk like a pirate because he served in the navy.

4) Squidward Tentacle

He is an octopus. He’s also SpongeBob’s next-door neighbor and coworker from the restaurant. He lives at the beginning of Easter Island. He has an arrogant and pessimistic personality who sees himself as a talented artist and musician.

5) Plankton

It’s a copepod. So some kind of parasite. Cancer’s childhood friend and she hates him. He has a rather ruthless character. He has a restaurant called Chum Bucket, but the restaurant has no customers. His only goal is to defeat Mr. Crab and steal the Crab Burger’s secret formula.

6) Karen

Plankton’s sensitive computer that lives in the Chum Bucket restaurant and provides him with Mr. Crab’s evil plans to put him out of business. He’s also the smartest personality in Bikini town. He works as both co-owner and chef and cashier at Plankton’s restaurant.

7) Sandy Cheeks

sandy cheeks
A Texas squirrel that lives in an air-filled glass dome and wears a diving suit to breathe underwater. Sandy works as a scientist, explorer and inventor. When aquatic creatures enter their home, they must wear water caps. Also, Sandy is a rodeo champion with various athletic interests, including sandboarding and karate, and speaks to a Southern charm. He uses typical Southern slang words and phrases.

8) Gary the Snail

salyangoz gary
SpongeBob’s pet sea snail that lives with him in his pineapple house and sounds like a cat. Surprisingly smart. He also likes to do games and shows like a dog.

9) Pearl Whale

pearl balina
Mr. Cancer’s daughter. Although Pisces wants to adapt to their peers, they know that this is impossible due to their size. When he grows up, he will inherit his father’s legacy. He’s still in high school and his biggest activity is going to Bikini Town Mall and shopping with his father’s credit card. He also likes to listen to pop music.

10) Miss Puff

bayan puff
A paranoid puffer fish and also SpongeBob’s teacher. He is a patient, elderly character who wears a sailor suit and is often tired of SpongeBob’s careless driving of his underwater boat.

11) Mr. Puff

bay puff
Mrs. Puff’s husband. Unfortunately, the character was captured and made into an ornamental lamp.

12) Larry the Lifeguard

cankurtaran larry
A lifeboat often seen in Goo Lagoon. It is a very muscular lobster that owes its muscular structure to the weights it lifts. He is a bodybuilder and his biggest hobby is exercising.

13) Squilliam Fancyson

squilliam fancyson
Squidward’s high school rival from the group class who goes on to become extremely wealthy and succeed at everything Squidward has only dreamed of doing. He is very proud of his eyebrows.

14) Patched Pirate

yamalı korsan
The only non-line character among the Patched Pirate SpongeBob characters. He is the host of his special episodes. Live-action hacker and president of the fictional SpongeBob fan club. Her biggest dream is to one day meet her idol SpongeBob.

15) Mermaid Man and Clam Boy

deniz kızı adam ve midyeci çocuk
Superheroes living in a retirement home called Shady Shoals. They star in SpongeBob and Patrick’s favorite TV show as a kid.

16) Flying Dutchman

uçan hollandalı
The angry, loud ghost of a pirate who roams the seven seas and collects souls in his toffee bag. There is a floating ghost ship and it lives in a cave where Davy Jones’ locker is located.

17) King Neptune

kral neptün
The green-skinned mermaid god who rules the sea. He lives in a palace in the sunken city of Atlantis.

18) Realistic Fish Head

gerçekçi balık kafası
He appears in the opening theme and as a newscaster in various episodes. It’s actually a trout with a real head.

19) Perkins Perkins

levrek perkins
A famous field news reporter who wears a pair of headphones and always carries a microphone. He is usually accompanied by a news crew.

20) Harold and Margaret Square Pants

harold ve margaret
SpongeBob’s parents are more like round sea sponges than he is. They live outside of Bikini Village and occasionally come to visit their son. Although they are proud of SpongeBob, it is an embarrassment to them that their son does not yet have a driver’s license.

21) Granny Square Pants

büyükanne kare pantolon
SpongeBob’s grandmother who pampers her with cookies and gifts when she visits. SpongeBob is best known for kissing him on his forehead when he’s upset, and leaving a lipstick mark.

22) Betsy Krabs

betsy krabs
Mr. Crab’s mother. He still treats his son like a child. He’s a tough character.

23) Miss Tentacles

bayan dokunaçlar
Squidward’s mother. She likes to bake cookies.

24) Bubble Bass

kabarcık bass
He is an overweight perch. He comes in occasionally as Mr. Crab’s boss.

25) Flat Flounder

yassı dil balığı
He is first created as a background character. But then we see that she has joined Ms. Puff’s class as a student.

26) Fred

“My foot!” He is famous for shouting. She prefers to stay in the hospital because she is in love with a nurse.

27) Harold

It has a shark-like dorsal fin and sharp teeth. A Crab Restaurant customer prone to yelling and getting in trouble.

28) Old Man Jenkins

yaşlı adam jenkins
An old fish that appears as a client or resident of Shady Shoals. Its appearance and role may change from time to time.

29) Gill Gilliam

dr gill gilliam
She is known for her sweet voice and calming demeanor. He works as a local physician and traveling snail veterinarian.

30) Scooter

A surfer fish itself, often seen in Goo Lagoon. He is known for calling SpongeBob “dude”.

31) Dirty Bubble

dirty bubble
Nemesis of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. A giant floating balloon, also known for its demon face.

32) Manta Ray

manta ray
A character with a head like a Manta Ray who wants to do evil to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

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