13 Reasons to Love Cold Weather and Keep Your Motivation High

Kardelen Sepetçi

Kardelen Sepetçi

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During the winter months, many people talk about losing their motivation, not liking the stifling weather, or losing their inspiration or energy. However, whether you are aware of it or not, autumn and winter are the months when you are most productive and there are many things around you that you can get inspiration from. Now, if you’re looking for motivation , take a look at these 13 items:

1) A perfect time to sit in the corner of your armchair with a hot coffee from your favorite mug and read a book and be alone with yourself.

2) With warm blankets and energetic colors, you can create a warm corner for yourself, create a moment to think for yourself and relax at the end of the day’s tiredness.

3) When you come home cold from the cold weather, you can sit by the heater and give yourself a little happiness. 4) Cold weather keeps you more vigorous, wakes you up on your way to work or school in the morning, and allows you to stay awake, thus allowing you to work more efficiently and motivated.

5) Contrary to the sluggishness you feel during the summer holidays or spring months, the winter season is the month when you can work most efficiently and add a lot to yourself, get new opportunities to improve yourself, and are the most productive.

6) You can’t find a better time than cold evenings to go under your covers and watch movies or TV series.

7) You have more beautiful winter evenings ahead of you than the days to try all kinds of herbal teas. 8) There are many places where you can take a holiday in winter as in summer, ski resorts or camping opportunities in nature that you cannot always experience.

9) Winter is the season of delicious fruits and vegetables that will fill your energy. There are many vegetable and fruit salads or nutritious foods you can prepare yourself when you feel your energy is low.

10) You can do your daily sports according to you, at the hours and sessions you want, with the exercises you can open on the computer with your summer sports clothes, without getting cold with the heater in the living room of your home.

11) Sometimes you can’t find a cure for the heat, but the cold always has a solution. You can wear as many coats as you want and protect yourself from the cold weather. 12) Instead of worrying about not being able to sit outside in the cold, you have the opportunity to discover new places to work with your books or computer.

13) You have a wonderful view that you can watch from the window of your home without tiring yourself, without going too far, without sweating, and get inspired by the beauty of nature: rain or snow drops hitting the glass, or leaves blown by the wind!

For those who say that all this does not make me happy, you have plenty of time to wait for the season you love more than winter and to make summer plans. 🙂

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