8 Tips to Heed from Ingvar Kamprad, Creator of IKEA

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Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the furniture giant IKEA and one of the richest people in the world with a fortune of 41 billion dollars, passed away at the age of 91.
Ingvar Kamprad, who founded IKEA, one of the largest chains in the world, which has 412 stores in 49 different countries in his 91-year life, was born in 1926 as the child of a farmer family. Kamprad, who started his business life by selling matchsticks to his neighbors at the age of 5, created the IKEA brand in 1943 with the money his father gave as a gift.
Ingvar Kamprad was also known as Uncle Varyemez, who applied incredible methods in his private life and company management to save and make money. She was waiting for discount days for grocery shopping, preferring second-hand shops or flea markets for her clothes. So what advice does Ingvar Kamprad give to those affected by his success story?

“Do you have an idea? Think hard with someone you trust, but keep your feet on the ground. Dreams are beautiful, but you shouldn’t lose your sense of reality.”

“Make up for your shortcomings. People who think they know everything are a disaster. I had a lot of shortcomings, but I made up for it with my talented staff.”

“Forget the 8-hour shift. A real entrepreneur has no timetable.”

“Be humble. There is always someone around you who can do better and is better than you.”

“Listen to them, but make the decisions yourself. A group never has any responsibility. Only you are responsible.”

“Leadership is about motivating, and it’s a good example to see first. Don’t forget to criticize, but start with the positive ones.”

“Resisting the fear of making mistakes is something I get trapped in from time to time. You can still have failures, learn to learn.”

“Don’t be complacent. When things start to go your way, maintain a sense of satisfaction, but don’t forget to look ahead.”

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