Mistakes Made in Motivation


Motivation has a special place in us being healthier people, using our own potential better, and improving our quality of life. So what are the mistakes we make on the way to success?

1) Not being able to focus and not setting priorities correctly

It always works to do the most important first. A lot of tasks may be waiting for you every day, but you should determine which one is the most profitable and which you should do first and head towards it.

2 ) Being aimless and not setting the right target

You know the target, but you cannot feel it. The target will come. Once you have made a decision, you begin to direct your life towards it. Living for a purpose gives meaning to your life and you can hold on to life more easily if you know what you wake up for in the morning. Success does not come by itself. No success is accidental. It takes planning to succeed.

3) Not Knowing Himself and What He Wants

Before trying to find what will make one happier, one should work on being a person who knows what one wants and be aware of its limitations.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you go. ”Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

4) Pessimistic Perspective and Personality Structure

If a long and quality life, happiness, peace, luck and success are important to you, you must be ready to innovate in order to have them. It’s up to you to develop your ability to look at things from a different perspective without losing the ground of reality.

5) Comparing Ourselves to Others

Comparing yourself to others can undermine your bond with people and make it harder for you to find true value in life. Either you are the weakest link in the group or you feel the loneliness of the summit above all others. Your self-confidence should come very simply from just being you.

6) Fear of Dreaming

Success sprouts from the seed of dreams. The common point of many success stories is chasing a dream. So never stop dreaming.

7) Inertia

Every job that we postpone, get bored with and give up doing will grow, and as we grow, it will become more difficult and one day will appear in our lives to cause trouble. It’s important to start right away. There is no time to lose.

“If you wait for all conditions to be perfect in order to act, you will never act.” J Brown

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