7 Amazing Entrepreneurship Lessons We Can Learn From The Movies

Elif Özçakmak

Elif Özçakmak

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Opportunity knocks once. What you have to do is take it and make the most of it. Entrepreneurship is a competency that enables you to recognize possibilities and opportunities. It helps you do the best for yourself, your ideas and dreams. Entrepreneurship ignites chasing your dreams and having passions; It is an enthusiasm that fuels you to follow your heart and chase what you want. Taking risks isn’t easy, and you can’t be an entrepreneur without taking risks. Not everyone can do this.
Entrepreneurship is not just a word; It is a culture, a habit, a way of life. Entrepreneurship is a state gained through experience. Failure is the key to success. Every successful entrepreneur has experienced failure, but they chose to rise, not sit back.
This century is the Age of Entrepreneurship. This is the beginning of an era of innovation. This is a millennial revolution. All over the world, there are many successful entrepreneurs who set up their ideas, dreams and businesses. The challenges are many and can turn your world upside down, but the only way is to find a solution and innovate and fight. Entrepreneurship is not an easy road, but there are some movies that teach very good lessons for future entrepreneurs.
Here’s a look at 7 inspiring entrepreneurship lessons to learn from the movies:

1) Social Network – Social Network (2010)

“If you were the inventors of Facebook, you would have invented Facebook already.”

It is generally believed that no idea is original. The ideas found are always the same ideas shown differently. Everyone has ideas, but some have the courage to follow their dreams, take risks and face challenges. Your ideas and inspiration have been thought of by someone else. If you are confident, stubborn and smart enough to follow your heart, you can achieve real success.

2) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

“’Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do anything again, not even me. If you have a dream, you shouldn’t let it go. People say you can’t do what they can’t do. If you want something, don’t give up. Go and get it, that’s it.”

People blame their luck and circumstances for not getting what they want, but it is important to understand that success does not depend on luck. You reap what you sow for success. Success is a reflection of effort, perseverance, determination and willpower. Keeping everything under control is not easy, you have to stand up and tell yourself that you have to do what is necessary to reach your goal. You must always keep moving forward.

3) The Wolf of Wall Street – The Money Hunter (2013)

“The only thing standing between you and your goals is that silly story you keep telling yourself why you can’t achieve it.”

Stop making excuses for not being successful. Instead, step up. Think, fail, but rise again. Try and don’t stop trying. Practice new ways, try new ideas, change the path but don’t change your goal. You will surely get what you want out of life. Playing by the rules may not be enough for you. Think beyond thinking and achieve success with pride.

4) The Godfather – The Father (1972)

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Build a network of powerful people. Build a community that can stand by you in bad times. Don’t be rash, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. Be firm on what you want. Do not underestimate your opponents, plan your moves, know the limits and always stay ahead of them.

5) Jobs (2013)

“The people who will change the world are those who are crazy enough to think they can change it.”

Do not limit your imagination. Think big. “Haters gonna hate” Let those who hate you continue to hate you. You talk about your success. Don’t follow the trends, you create the trends. Remember what the world wants from you, if you can meet their needs, they will make your dreams come true too.

6) Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009)

“Spiderman takes risks too… I’m still a salesperson!”

Take on the challenges, the greater the risk, the greater the success. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Do not compromise on quality, prove that you are the best on the market. The only ladder to success is risk. Don’t be a coward, be a superhero. There is a famous saying: “Risk se hi naam bante hai (Risks are made up of names.)” Go and take risks!

7) Office Space – Office Madness (1999)

“I was sitting in my room today and I realized that every day of my life since I started working has been worse than the day before. So every day you saw me was the worst day of my life.”

A steady job can get you a satisfying salary, but if you’re not happy, stop following the crowd. Listen to your heart, ask it what it wants and go for it. Don’t accept living a crappy life when you can create your own peaceful life.

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