Collect the Stars with Starbucks Card and Grab Your Catering Coffee


   world famous coffee  chain  Starbucks had long ago taken a step towards providing advantageous service to its customers; Starbucks Card. This is the Starbucks App that is downloaded to virtual card phones.  It provides ease of payment at the cash desk with the QR code system.


In addition to the ease of payment at the cashier, the stars accumulated in each order are another advantage of the card. 


At the end of every 15 stars earned, any Tall size coffee you wish is offered by Starbucks. Same treat on birthdays< Starbucks gives gifts regardless of the number of stars. In addition, the number of stars earned for each coffee ordered on BlackFriday increases.


The application also offers detailed information about the products. It provides information about their contents.



  staTo rbucks Card, your current debit or credit card via App 

( VISA, Master Card ) you can load and use with a single touch.





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