Weird But True: Could Cats Be Influencing Your Entrepreneurship?

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A protozoan parasite found in cats can cause very strange effects on the human brain it infects. He can even turn them into Elon Musk in the right circumstances.
The effects of this infection, called Toxoplasma Gondi, were observed on mice, such as inability to assess risk. There is some evidence to suggest that it may have similar effects in the human brain.

What are the effects?

This disease-causing pathogen can make mice fearless when they smell cats. This evolved trait is thought to give cats a tremendous advantage in finding food.

Although it is harmful to physical and mental health, it gives more courage by reducing the fear of losing this infection. It increases your willingness to take risks. It should also be remembered that risk is an indispensable feature for entrepreneurship.

What Research Has Showed

In the study conducted by the University of Colorado, the relationship between Toxoplasma Gondi infection and entrepreneurial activity was searched in the database. Research assistants studied the development of the infection in the human body on saliva test samples taken from students and staff.
As a result of the research, infection was detected in 22% of the students. The 1,500 students with the infection were 1.4 times more likely to have received management training, 1.7 times more likely to specialize in management and entrepreneurship, and 1.8 times more likely to start their own business.

Some studies give clues that this infection can lead to aggression in humans. The data obtained on this subject are not yet convincing. Counter research has yet to prove a link between psychological state or personality trait and illness.

It May Look Miraculous, But Very Dangerous

To be honest, we do not recommend that you go after this infection. People who have the infection are at risk for issues such as “car accident, psychological diseases, substance abuse and suicide”. It can also cause miscarriage and birth anomalies.
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