The Key to Being a Good Entrepreneur by Richard Branson

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Arzu Dokuzoğlu

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Richard Branson is an entrepreneur who never breaks with his inner child. Believing that having a childlike attitude towards life can make a person a better entrepreneur, it’s no surprise that Branson’s passion for adventure and fun lifestyle.
So why is it so important to be childlike, according to Richard Branson?

1) Overcoming the stress of being an adult

Admittedly, being an adult is stressful. Studies show that stress suppresses a person’s creativity, lowers his mood and negatively affects his health.
Balancing work and fun is an important factor in reducing stress (as Branson did). We can add a little fun to our lives by reading a good book, attending a dance or cooking class.
We have a lot to learn from children. One is how to reduce stress and use our imagination. They don’t have a job to go to, no pay to worry about, which is enough to keep them stress-free.
For every hour of the day, we can devote at least 5 minutes to a funny message, a call with the person we love, or planning our future. Actually, life is about enjoying the little things. Let’s be a little kid and look for fun in every corner of life.

2) Prioritizing happiness at work and in life

According to CNBC’s report, when Branson’s daughter Holly took a break from her medical studies and started an internship with her father, she found that her father’s childlike passion for seeking happiness in all areas of her life had a positive impact on every aspect of her job.
As long as Branson’s employees are happy, its customers are also positively affected. According to Holly, her father’s motto is:

“Business should make lives better.”

Branson has succeeded in reflecting this motto to Virgin Group of Companies. He founded Virgin Unite in 2004, where he ran projects on LGBT rights, climate change and the death penalty.
Branson has made happiness a priority for everyone, not just himself. We may all have different priorities, but science says being helpful to others brings happiness. If you’re undecided about a job, ask yourself: Will this job really put a smile on someone’s face? If your answer is yes, definitely go for it.

3) Keeping the sense of curiosity awake

Richard Branson says that even as we age, we must keep the youthful energy within us alive.
Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean acting like a child. However, it is necessary to hold on tightly to the sense of curiosity that children have.
We must see the good in people and know how to find the light of hope in any situation. An insatiable sense of curiosity is a trait we can see in successful entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Sarah Blakely and Bill Gates.

4) Not wasting time on initiatives you won’t be happy with

Branson says in a blog post:

“If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, stop doing it. It’s that simple.”

Children don’t do anything that doesn’t make them happy, which is an important thing we can learn from them. Don’t waste your time doing anything that won’t fill you up or enlighten you for any purpose.
Yes, maybe you are not in a position to quit your 9-5 job right now, but you can do things that make you happy in your spare time. It’s up to you to start small and then turn it into a full-time job.

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