5 Choices You Make Today You’ll Regret 10 Years Later

Life is short, youth is fleeting. You have every opportunity to make the most of the life you have right now. Your choices today will determine the number of regrets you will have in the next ten years. The most common regrets you probably have are: missed opportunities, not making better use of time, not doing more, not doing meaningful work, procrastinating, not picking up better habits, not mastering another language or skill, having bad relationships, or making mistakes in a past relationship. Regrets feel awful. But today, right now, you can do something about your choices to limit your future regrets.

“If you had a month to live: How would you spend it?”

You can spend quality time with your favorite people and really pay attention to every word they say. You can go out and have wonderful experiences, explore the world. Or you can spend your days learning, focusing on books and life itself.
You can create anything. By making art, you can leave a legacy by making people’s lives better, or by trying to solve a global problem in your own little way. Any of these choices, or a combination of them, would be a valuable way to pass a term. Every moment is limited, temporary and precious. With this mindset, start living your life to the fullest right now! This is the best choice to avoid these regrets in the future.

“Waiting for the Right Time”

Don’t expect everything to be perfect. It will never happen. There will always be challenges, obstacles and imperfect conditions.
There is never a perfect time to take action. There’s never a perfect time to start a project, spend time with your family, write a book, change a habit, or start a new one. When you accept this, you will do much more meaningful work every day.
I’m too tired, I don’t have time, I’m not talented, someone else will, it’s too late, now is not the right time, I’m not talented, I’m not ready, I’m too scared, no one will help me, what if I don’t succeed, I’m not motivated, I’d rather do nothing, my money none… These may be true. But these are valid for now!
It’s easy to come up with excuses and try to justify not starting. The longer you fill your head with rationalizations and empty excuses, the less time you have to act. It’s easy to say “I’ll start when I have more experience, money, time and resources”. By this time next year, you will have many more excuses. It’s a cycle, and once you get caught in that cycle it can be hard to let go and do something meaningful that you care about.
Self-criticism and self-doubt will always be in our lives, and the only solution is to take action despite them.
Your first ebook, article, song, podcast, freelance or creative endeavor will never be satisfying or perfect. This is no problem. But it’s worth starting anyway. In ten years you will be happier that you tried it today.
There will always be reasons why you can’t do something. People keep saying why they can’t, shouldn’t, simply won’t do something. When you find excuses, you can easily ask, “I’m not in control, what can I do?” you say. But you are the only person in the world who has complete control of your actions and decisions. Making excuses takes away your personal power.
People make excuses for fear of the unknown. Some fear change, rejection, and shame. Fear fixes you in your comfort zone. And you will never achieve anything impressive or remarkable in your safe space. If you learn how to remove all traces of fear from your life, you can stop making excuses.
Next time you experience a setback, don’t make an excuse. See it as a challenge, learn from it and move forward. Excuses are distracting and reduce your confidence and self-belief.

“Waiting for Gathering”

“Choosing yourself means having a chance to be important. Don’t end right now, start now! Choosing oneself means we have to stop waiting, whining and procrastinating. The outcome is still in doubt, but it’s clear that waiting won’t work.” – Seth Godin

Today, there are more ways than ever to choose yourself and show what you have to put on. It’s much easier to get someone to notice your creative work. If you are willing and focused, you may discover that people love what you do. People will come to you for more than you have to share or say.
This is how you build your reputation in public. You can be the best in the world at something people value. You may not be able to make money out of it right away, but putting it on every day makes the biggest difference.
You have everything you need to make an impact in the world. You don’t even need to start your own business. What you need is to find something you can connect with emotionally and deeply. Don’t think too much about the future. Use what you have where you are now and witness the magic of creative work. If you think too much about it before you act, you’re probably killing it.
Whatever you choose to do, there are resources that can help you achieve your goals with simple steps. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult. You can choose to be small and consistent.

“Choose to be your authentic self, let go of who you think you should be in the future, and be yourself now.”

You’re the only one who can push yourself a little harder to get started, create, share or publish. Stop waiting to be selected! Choose yourself!

Living Someone Else’s Dream

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t get trapped in the “dogma,” which is living with the consequences of other people’s thoughts. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. somehow they know what you really want to be. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

The greatest challenge in life is to discover who you are; The second biggest thing is to be happy with what you find and make the most of it. The decision to stay true to your own goals and dreams is life-changing.
No matter how busy you are, take time to pursue what you’re passionate about. If you’ve always wanted to be a writer and publish a book, self-publish because you can. Amazon now makes it super easy to upload a sketch, design a cover, and publish it. It’s that easy! You don’t have to wait to be selected. You can choose yourself. You don’t need permission to get your ideas to the right audience.
“I don’t have time to write” is not an excuse. The time before bed is gold because this time slot exists every day and is usually entirely your own programming. What do you want to do this time? You can follow your passion. There will never be a perfect time in a full-time job and maybe with a family. You must create time. Take a block of time to do what you love, remove other time-consuming things from your life, and let nothing interfere with this passion project.
You can’t imagine what you could achieve in ten years if you constantly do something about your dream. You don’t even need to waste your hours. It can be in minutes every day. Small actions gradually coalesce and grow.

not trying

“Try and fail, but don’t forget to try.” -John Quincy Adams

The biggest reason people fail to create habits, change their lives, pursue goals, or simply take action is because they don’t have the motivation to get started. The problem is, you’re comfortable with what you’re doing (the current routine) and it’s harder to form new habits that you actually need to get better. Stick to what’s comfortable. It’s easy to be persuaded by a fixed salary, a solid routine, and a comfortable life, but at what cost?
You can only make progress if you take steps. Overcoming the fear of failure is the first step to success. Start facing your fears today and take the most fundamental step towards what you need to do.
Do you remember the dream you were so afraid to follow? It’s still not too late to try. Do not miss any opportunity to try it.
Tony Robbins once said, “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slowly you progress, you’re way ahead of anyone who doesn’t try.” he said. Slow progress is better than no action. You can change things only if you really try to do something. Whatever you do, don’t fail to try. To make anything easier to achieve, focus on the smallest thing, so get started! If you take steps to make even the slightest bit of progress, you will position yourself for lasting success with no regrets.

It’s Too Early to Give Up

“Don’t quit. Never stop trying to build the world you can see, even if others can’t. Just listen to your own drum. It’s the one that makes the sweetest sound.” – Simon Sinek

If you’ve failed in the past and haven’t given up, you’re stronger than you think. If you’ve been unsuccessful lately and are considering giving up, don’t do it. Obstacles indicate that you are on a path and there is always a way out of these obstacles. Even if you haven’t found it yet, keep trying.
Find out why, how and where you are stuck and save yourself from temporary failure. Unfortunately, most people refuse to do anything about their failures, eventually giving up on their dreams and rolling away in discontent.
Everyone is afraid of failing, it is inevitable to experience it. But it’s your reaction to it that makes all the difference. Don’t get stuck. These are just a few of the many habits that can guarantee your failure.
How persistent are you in pursuing your dreams and goals? One of the most important secrets to success is learning to overcome your doubts. Most of us give up our curiosity too soon. Every successful person you know today has a story of patience to share.

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