Elon Musk’s Crazy Plan in 6 Items: Powering the World with Renewable Energy

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Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who is closely followed by everyone around the world and who always manages to be on the agenda with what he does. Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX are actually a testament to how successful Musk has been over the past 20 years and has changed his environment.
Apart from building his own rocket and launching a Tesla into space, or creating the world’s most widely used online payment system, Musk’s current goal is to breathe new life into the planet’s energy generation problem.
Apart from his identity as a technology entrepreneur, Musk is also one of those who believe that the future is possible with renewable energy. So how can a billionaire entrepreneur produce enough energy for the entire planet?

1) Doubling the number of power stations for electric vehicles

One of Musk’s first predictions was to double the number of Superchargers by the end of 2019 (as opposed to hours of charging time like regular electric vehicle charging stations, this free system allows you to charge your vehicle in minutes). With the impact of this target on the industry, more than three million electric vehicles were sold worldwide at the end of 2017. One of the factors that enabled him to achieve this goal so quickly was the increase in this supply-demand balance in the industry.

2) Gigafactories and their batteries will shape the energy generation of the future

The second prediction of the entrepreneur is that by combining Tesla’s vision with the worldwide energy transformation, sustainable energy, together with electric vehicles and other energy products, will be able to meet the increasing energy demand day by day.

3) 100 Tesla Gigafactory can meet the energy needs of the whole world with renewable energy

This foresight suggests that Gigafactories and their batteries will respond to energy needs in the future. Lithium-ion batteries, which can meet the energy needs of 25000 houses, can be used instead of the natural gas we use to meet our energy needs in daily life. According to Tesla’s calculations, the only thing needed for the whole world to switch to renewable energy is exactly 100 Gigafactories.

4) Musk plans to build the world’s largest virtual power generation facility

When we look towards 2022, we see that Musk’s other goal is to build the world’s largest virtual energy facility. I realize you are asking how is that possible. Distributing free solar panels to 50,000 homes in Southern Australia within four years is only a small part of the plan. The unused part of the energy obtained will be fed back to the main line of the country, and 20% of the country’s daily energy consumption will be obtained with renewable energy.

5) A small piece of land is enough to meet the energy needs of the whole world with solar energy.

Although the amount of energy coming from the Sun to the Earth in just one hour is more than humanity spends in a whole year, only 0.39% is produced and used in America. Only a piece of land the size of Spain could power the world with renewable energy by 2030, Musk said.

“Let’s imagine that we only need solar energy to produce energy at our disposal. By using a small part of Spain, you can supply enough energy to the whole of Europe. Speaking of America, a small corner of Nevada or Utah can meet the energy needs of the entire country.”

6) In 15 years, most of the roofs will be made with tiles that can produce solar energy.

His last prediction is the flat roofs we are all used to now. By 2032, these roofs will be a piece of the past that we will all find strange. Because Tesla’s solar panels (Tesla Solar Roofs) allow homeowners to have a system that can meet their lifetime electricity needs. It is predicted that these tiles, which are approximately 220 dollars per square meter, will be on the roofs of all houses in the future.

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