Keeping an Agenda: One Small Step to Planning Your Life

Keeping an agenda is one of the first steps to be taken to live life more organized and planned. You can be a student, a corporate employee, a freelance editor, your own boss, or a manager. No matter what your job is, there are dozens of things you need to do every day, and keeping a to-do list in mind isn’t easy. If you do not plan your to-do list properly, your days may be unproductive and your work may be disrupted. How about keeping an agenda instead of taking this risk? Why is it important to keep a calendar, what should be considered when buying a calendar, what are the types of calendars and we have answered many questions about keeping a calendar for you. We wish you good reading.

Why is it Important to Keep an Agenda?

keep an agenda

We live in a constantly changing and evolving world. An event that takes place on the other side of the world can affect our lives within hours. “Writing”, one of the oldest methods, will help to keep up with the pace of this rapidly changing life.

It is not possible to always keep in mind the duties and responsibilities that you have to do at different times. However, keeping an agenda will allow you to write down the tasks you need to do. If you check your agenda, it will be almost impossible to forget the things you need to do.

Writing down the tasks and important dates on the calendar will not only remind you of those tasks, but will also help you use your time more efficiently. While it enables you to work more disciplined, it also becomes an invaluable timer for you to take time for yourself.

What are the Benefits of Keeping an Agenda?

keep an agenda

We gave brief information about the benefits of keeping a calendar above. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of keeping an agenda:

It helps your time management.

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We have dozens of chores to do during the day. Homework we have to do, chores we have to get done, meetings we have to attend, the house we have to clean and many more responsibilities. So, how possible is it to keep them all in mind? Let’s give an example: You have a total of 5 tasks that you need to complete that day. It may seem easy as your mind will be clear as soon as you start doing it. However, forgetting one job also changes the time you will use for other tasks. The unfinished business that emerges at the point where you think you’re done with what you need to do affects both your current day and the next. However, writing down what you need to do that day in order allows you to see in advance how much time you will devote to which.

It allows you to work efficiently.

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Knowing what to do and when will increase the efficiency of your work as it will allow you to know in advance how much importance and time you should give to which work.


It increases your motivation.

keep an agenda

Seeing how hard you work each day will increase your motivation to work for another day. The tasks you complete will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and fulfill your self-confidence.

Things to Consider While Keeping an Agenda

keep an agenda

There are some methods you should follow to keep a calendar. Here are the things you should pay attention to:

  • Make sure there are no distractions around you when you sit down to keep an agenda.
  • Have reminders about things to do
  • Evaluate time using abbreviation
  • to use date
  • to use a title
  • Using color codes (3-4 pens of different colors that you will use to keep the agenda will help your agenda look more organized when you look back later.)
  • Divide your agenda into sections (When you look back, having a section of your agenda helps you find what you are looking for easily.)

Things to Consider While Buying an Agenda

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First of all, you need to be aware of why you want to keep an agenda. Do you use it to jot down the things you need to do at work or do you want to jot down the things you need to do daily? You should choose your agenda according to your short-term or long-term plans. You should pay attention to whether the agenda sections are suitable for your intended use.

With the development of technology, our whole life has turned to digital. If you run everything from digital platforms and do not want to physically carry a notebook with you, you can also use the digital agenda options. By placing reminders on your digital agenda, you can remember what you need to do, thanks to notifications.

Agenda Types

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You can choose the type of your agenda according to your intended use. If you want to see everything in detail day by day, it will be more convenient for you to keep a daily agenda. If you are a student and want to use it to remember the exams you have to take and the assignments you have to do, the academic agenda will help you control this process for you. Agenda types are as follows:

  • Daily Agenda
  • Weekly Agenda
  • Monthly Agenda
  • Indefinite Agenda
  • Academic Agenda
  • Organizer Mechanized Agenda
  • Planner Agenda

What is Bullet Journal?

bullet journal

Bullet journal was created by Ryder Carroll, an American designer. Bullet journal is one of the most popular journals recently. If we need to define it briefly, bullet journal is used as a to-do list and also as a diary. Unlike a regular journal, a bullet journal does not have any format. The date and day are not written. You assign the date yourself and you can start from the day you want.

You do not need to put yourself in certain patterns to keep an agenda in the bullet journal. You can paste photos or write poems between pages. You can fill the pages according to your own taste.


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