13 Routines and Nutrition Tips for a Fit Body

What are the golden rules of having a fit body? What should be done to have a fit body? How Should the Ideal Nutrition Be? These questions are probably on the minds of many of us. There are many rules and suggestions you can follow for a fit body and healthy life. In this content, we take a closer look at what you need for a fit body.

1. The First Rule for a Fit Body: Don’t Stay Inactive

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In today’s stressful business life conditions, we can spare little time for sports. Our exercise habits have also been disrupted, especially when many of us are working from home. Sitting too much causes back and neck pain along with being lubricated. Walking for at least 20 minutes a day is the first step towards a healthy and fit body.

We can increase our brisk walking to half an hour and then to 1 hour over time. Even if we are at home, we should not stay inactive for more than 1 hour in our sitting place. Although it is not as enjoyable as in the open area, we can at least take a little break and fill this gap with stretching exercises.

2. To Stay Fit and Healthy: Consuming Protein Foods


Protein has a vital function for our muscles. A fit body is more than just a lean physique. For example, someone who is underweight may also have a greasy appearance. The muscle we gain is smaller in size than our fat components. Therefore, we can observe it over a longer period when our muscle mass starts to increase.

A daily intake of 2.0 g of protein for each kg of our body weight is very important for a fit body. Eggs, meat varieties, curd cheese, green lentils and legumes are the basic needs of our muscles.

3. Burn Fat Fast With Higher Quality Carbs

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Bakery products and white bread cause us to gain weight and get hungry faster. Although there are differences of opinion about bread, it is recommended to consume einkorn and rye breads. Bulgur, which is rich in fiber, is one of the most useful carbohydrates.

Oatmeal, buckwheat, chickpeas, potatoes, beans and bananas are among the healthy foods that give energy. We should include nuts in our snacks. Let’s not forget that the amount of calories they contain is a little high. We need to consume the carbohydrates we will take during the daytime. In the evening, we should prefer a meal consisting of salad or grilled meat.

4. For a Fit Body: Adding More Greens to the Table


In order to stay in shape, we must always have vegetables on our table. Since they are very rich in fiber, we should consume 400 g of greens per day. As they are very important for our digestive system, they also play a big role in our weight loss.

If you have difficulty getting enough with a salad, you can prepare a meal that keeps you full with various additions. The most ideal foods to suppress your hunger and add flavor to your salad:

  • Curd cheese, boiled green lentils, buckwheat,
  • Boiled egg, quinoa, boiled bulgur,
  • Grilled meat, boiled mung beans, boiled wheat.

5. Heading to Fit Desserts: Oat Granola


No matter how hard we try to stay away, sometimes we can succumb to our sweet crisis. Even when we eat a small wafer, we get at least 300 calories. Even dark-packaged packages often have a high sugar content.

Just like flour and white bread, sugar is one of the biggest enemies of our diet. We can create a low-calorie and delicious flavor with granola, which we can make with oats at home. If we are ready to roll up our sleeves for this light and healthy recipe:

Crush a teaspoon of almonds and a tablespoon of hazelnuts thoroughly. Finely chop two walnuts. Add 1 cup of oats to the nuts that are cut into very small pieces. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and mix. Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for 6-7 minutes, then take it out. You can enjoy both a healthy and a pulpy dessert by slicing 1-2 dried sun dried seeds inside.

Footnote: Normally, honey is used in granola. I recommend using coconut oil because of its high sugar content.

6. Knowing What You Want

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In fact, what we mean by a fit body also determines the method we will apply. Every exercise we do brings us one step closer to the image we dream of. We can get the result we want in a yoga practice that we spend only 20 minutes a day. So what kind of body do we want?

Weight training provides muscle gain. Nutrition plays a huge role in this process. With protein-rich meals, we will have more voluminous muscles. When we increase the weight over time, our muscles develop at the same rate. But if we want to lose our weight, we need more.

No matter how much weight we lift, it is essential to do cardio to burn fat. If we do not aim to gain muscle, we can prefer regular pilates exercises. As a result, it is possible to see a more fit and subtle reflection in the mirror without increasing our mass.

Cardiovascular exercises are of great importance for a fit body. Regardless of our weight, we should spare at least 15 minutes of our sport for a brisk walk.

7. Adequate Sleep and Rest


Anabolic hormones are released during sleep. This system, which protects our muscles, has a great role in a sportive lifestyle. When we do sports, a certain energy deficit occurs. We need at least 7 hours of sleep to fill this tank.

Thus, we can contribute to the development of our muscles. Adequate rest is also very effective in keeping our immune system strong.

8. Pre-Workout Coffee

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Coffee, which increases our basal metabolic rate, helps us burn more fat. We can increase our performance by drinking coffee half an hour before sports. Of course, our choice should be sugar-free and cream-free. Since excessive consumption can cause palpitations, we need to limit it to one glass.

9. Not Being Weighed Too Often


Being constantly weighed is one of our dietary habits that lowers our motivation. Factors such as thirst, excess salt consumption and menstrual period can cause us to encounter different numbers on the scale.

Due to dehydration, the body retains water, so we see weight gain that we cannot understand. Even half a glass of liquid we take can cause minor changes. Weighing in once a week and on an empty stomach is the ideal method for accurate weight control. In addition to the stomach, the bladder and intestines must also be empty.

10. Drinking More Water

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Water, which is our source of life, also has a great effect on our metabolism. Half a liter of water speeds up the metabolism by 30%. At the same time, drinking water before meals also allows us to sit at the table with a full stomach.

11. Eating Food Slowly


Most of us like to watch something while we eat. Although it is an enjoyable activity, we do not realize that we eat too much. Eating slowly and chewing the bites well makes it easier for us to lose weight. It delivers satiety signals to our brain faster.

We are more likely to create a quiet environment if we are at home. Concentrating on our food is also beneficial for our digestive system.

12. Using More Stairs

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We use the shortest methods when we are constantly trying to reach somewhere. Traffic, crowd, etc. We save time by choosing elevators due to factors.

Climbing stairs makes us burn more fat than we think. We spend 1 calories while walking and 1.6 calories per step we take. This routine, which also works our leg muscles, increases our tempo over time. At least we can protect our form by choosing the stairs when we are not in a hurry.

13. Key Point: Staying Balanced

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We all have different body structure and shape. It is not possible for us to lose regional weight. Therefore, we may not fully have standardized body types. It’s up to us to create the best version of ourselves.

There is another factor that is as important as regular nutrition and exercise: not to overdo it. Being in good shape rather than seeking the perfect body makes us feel better.

It should be noted that too much concern with bodily perception can be a sign of a dysmorphic disorder. In this case, we must first ensure the integrity of our mood.

Wishing you a healthy day…


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