What is a Personal Blog? How should it be?

Personal blog has started to take place in the lives of many of us lately. So, what is this personal blog for those who don’t know? Let’s find the answers to all the questions about the personal blog together.

What is a Personal Blog?

personal blog

A personal blog is a blog where you can write about the topics you are interested in in your own language and meet with people who are interested in that topic. While some use their personal blog as a diary, others touch the lives of many by writing on completely different topics. A certain audience is formed according to the language and attitude of the person who wrote the blog.

The personal blog does not need to be written in an official language. If you want a close bond between you and your readers, you should use a warmer and more friendly language.

How to Open a Personal Blog?

personal blog

Let’s see how to open a personal blog together. First of all, you don’t need to be an expert on a subject to have a personal blog. Just write about your experiences and feelings. Let’s get to the technical part. In order for your blog to have an address, you must first determine and purchase a domain name. In order to store and publish your content, you need to have a hosting package.

If you intend to write on specific topics, the name of your blog should reveal this topic. However, if you want to write on different topics, you can open your blog using your own name or a different username. After deciding on your name, you should decide which extension (.com, .net, .blog) you want to open your blog with.

After deciding which extension to use, hosting is the issue you should be interested in. Hosting means renting the space where the content you upload to your site will be stored. It is a service that you must have so that your blog will not be interrupted.

Can You Make Money With Your Personal Blog?

Can you make money with blogging?

The answer to this question is yes. However, it is not an easy process. Like many other businesses that make money, people who want to make money from their personal blog should consider this adventure as a serious business and act accordingly.

A person who aims to make money from his personal blog must act by planning what he must do. He should take the busy working hours and do his best. It should not be forgotten that the owner of the personal blog is now a business owner. He is the CEO, manager, and employee of the business. He must undertake the duties of all these positions alone and act in a planned manner. Here are the things that people who want to make money should do:

1) Know your target audience well

The people who will make you earn money are your target audience who read and follow your articles with interest. If you know your target audience correctly, things will go much easier for you.

2) Preparing a content calendar

You will have a job where you will be producing continuously. At first, it may seem like you have a lot to write about. However, if you do not plan those topics properly, you will not be able to use them efficiently enough and you will be without content in a short time.

3) Giving importance to the use of correct keywords

It is very important to use the right keywords to meet new readers. You should take care to write texts that will answer the questions of the readers and contain various solution suggestions.

4) Affiliate marketing

The most important factor that personal bloggers should use to make money is affiliate marketing. In accordance with the agreement you have made with a brand, you can introduce your audience to those products by writing articles on your site that promote the products of that brand. You can earn money by getting a certain commission thanks to people who click on your link and view the product and buy it.

5) Earning Google Adsense ad revenue

Another thing to do in order to earn money through a personal blog is to buy ads on the blog with Google Adsense. You can also earn money if people who come to read your blog click on the ads. In order to do this, you must first register your blog by opening a Google Adsense account. Google Adsense first examines your account and if it deems your site appropriate, it enables you to earn money by activating your account.

By choosing the most suitable ad options for your site, you can determine the ads you want your audience to see. The amount you earn per click varies from ad to ad, but ranges from 0.10 cents to 4 liras. When your earnings reach 200 TL, your money is deposited into your bank account.

6) Using social media accounts accordingly

You should use your social media accounts in this direction in order to announce every content you publish and at the same time your blog to those who do not know.

7) Adding paid online course options

Think about your areas of expertise. Would you like to consider giving tuition for money in these areas?

8) Creating an email list

Regardless, one of the easiest ways to reach audiences is to create an email list.

9) Focus on SEO work

If you want to have organic traffic, you should write your articles in accordance with SEO (search engine optimization).

Tips for Having a Successful Blog

tricks of success

The most important trick to having a successful blog is motivation. High motivation will lead to success. Determining your target audience in a planned way and moving in this direction are other important tricks. Let’s take a look at other tricks:


1) Remember your purpose!

Never forget your purpose when opening your personal blog. You must continue to work towards that goal. Remembering that purpose will always keep you in the moment and will be your motivation to work.

2) Trust your language.

Blogs that others have written on the same topics should not upset you. Remember that your language is different from others and your audience is unique to you.

3) Pay attention to the use of attractive images.

You should take care to use attractive images in your content. The sample images given between the articles will attract the attention of your audience and arouse curiosity.

4) Write the meta descriptions carefully.

You should also pay attention to your meta descriptions. Those little texts you see in search results are the main thing that prompts readers to click.

5) Try to use catchy titles.

In order for your blog posts to attract attention, you should take care to use attractive titles. Even though your article is very good, an unsuccessful title will reduce the read rate of your article. You should also take care to use subheadings. Readers should take a little tour to understand which questions they will find answers to in your article.

6) Manage your social media accounts in harmony with your personal blog.

By using your social media accounts, you can bring your personal blog together with larger audiences and increase the success of your blog. Sharing your new content on your social media accounts allows new visitors to reach your blog.

7) You should make your blog mobile friendly.

Now we all do our work on mobile. Reading blogs is now included in the work we carry out from our phones, which we always have in our hands, while commuting, in different places outside. That’s why it’s very important that your blog has a mobile-friendly design.

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