What are the Benefits of Reading Books? Do Books Improve Our Memory?

What are the benefits of reading books? Can we improve our memory by reading books? We have listed the most important benefits for you in 16 items.

1. The Scientific Benefit of Reading: A Stronger Memory

benefits of reading books

According to studies, the way to strengthen memory is to read books. In many studies, it has been observed that reading a book increases focus.

With increased attention, the information we learn becomes more and more imprinted in our memory. Just as we watch movies with full attention, our brains work actively while reading. This raises our recall threshold.

2. Prevents Cognitive Weakening

It is our cognitive ability to remember dates, events, and a sense of direction. The decline of these abilities begins at the age of 45 at the earliest.

Regular reading reduces the risk of dementia. It also helps prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Reading Relieves Stress

The biggest source of stress is our mind. Fear of the future, anxieties, and negative thoughts become an insurmountable whirlpool. Just like meditation, reading a book fixes our focus on a certain point.

When our minds are constantly preoccupied with bad scenarios, we naturally get anxious. As we read, our awareness turns to the subject and we move away from disturbing ideas. Our concentration increases and we feel calmer.

4. It Makes It Easier To Fall Asleep

benefits of reading books

After an 8-minute reading session, our stress is reduced by 68%. Thus, our mind becomes calm. The secret to a good night’s sleep is to review a favorite book before bed.

5. Our Vocabulary Expands

In daily life, we can use fewer words when our conversations are short. That’s why we don’t have a chance to use many terms we know.

Reading books is very useful in terms of enriching our sentences and learning more words. It is very important that we increase our knowledge in order to explain ourselves better.

6. The Social Benefit of Reading: We Have a Higher Level of Empathy

Empathy, the key point of communication, is a skill that enables us to better understand human nature. Other people’s experiences play a big role in our empathy for certain situations.

The emotions and experiences of the characters in the book increase our sensitivity by offering us a different perspective. We analyze how we will feel by thinking that we are in someone else’s shoes. It is possible to improve our empathy ability, also called theory of mind, by reading books.

7. Relieves Depression Symptoms

depresyon ve kitap

Depression, the archenemy of our age, can cause us to lose our functionality. In this period when we feel isolated, reading a book can make us feel better.

Novel, short story or biography etc. When we read books, we get rid of our inner world. We empty our minds by focusing on the different universe on the page. In this way, we have the opportunity to live in the moment by paying attention to the qualities of other lives.

8. Boosts Our Creativity

One of the benefits of reading books is related to our productivity. Regardless of the genre, we construct the plot in the book in our minds.

Witnessing many different scenarios adds a new vision to our creativity. By triggering visual imagery, it almost expands the quota of our mind.

9. Strengthens Our Brains

So far, there have been many experiments on the effect of reading books on the brain. As a result of MRI studies, very positive and beneficial results were obtained. During the reading and a few days later, it was observed that the correlation in the bodily and sensory cortex became stronger.

This area of our brain is closely related to the physical senses and balance. It would not be wrong to say that reading a book is almost a brain exercise.

10. Improves Our Communication Skills

iletişim becerileri

Another benefit of reading books is that it makes a great contribution to our communication skills. The more information we have, the better we can communicate. Words make up a large part of our expressive power.

Reading a book adds an impressive harmony to our sentences. We can express ourselves better by learning various words, terms and nomenclature. Our depth of knowledge, which is a great criterion in communication, increases thanks to books.

11. One of the Most Important Benefits of Reading: Activating Analytical Thinking

The benefits of reading books are not limited to improving our creativity. It also strengthens analytical thinking, which is the most important tool in our problem solving. We encounter an analysis on every page of our book.

We explore new ways in which the characters approach problems and the way they struggle. With this habit that gives some experience, our ability to analyze events increases.

12. Increases Our General Culture

Regardless of the type of book we read, we are bound to encounter information that leaves a trace. We get a lot of fresh information such as cities, ideologies, concepts, historical events that we have never heard of.

This data, which has become a growing ocean, allows us to look at life from a wider window. Just as everyone’s story is different, the same is true for books.

The more books we read, the more reality we witness. Thus, we have the opportunity to change our perspective towards life and ourselves.

13. It Makes Our Writing Easier

yazı yazma

With our diversified vocabulary, we can write faster and more productively. Reading books also improves our reasoning ability. In this way, we can better understand which word to use and how.

Underground literature and various novels contain themes that strengthen our writing. Of course, a type of book that belongs to the field we want to develop can also be helpful.

Every book whose author we trust is a tool that colors our way of expression. The more we read, the better we can write, be it essays or essays.

14. Boosts Intelligence

One of the benefits of reading books is that it contributes to our ability to think differently. Our intelligence level, which is determined by many factors, contains quite complex elements.

Psychologist Raymond B. Cattell has divided intelligence into fluid and crystallized. In addition to these theories, some experts also consider emotional intelligence. It has been observed that reading a book increases our comprehension ability in 3 ways.

  • Emotional intelligence: Being able to empathize
  • Fluent intelligence: Overcoming problems through reasoning
  • Crystallized intelligence: Developing methods with knowledge learned through experience

With the experience we have gained from books, we can clinch our analytical side. In addition to rational thinking, our ability to empathize also increases. Thus, we can say that reading a book is a factor that supports intelligence.

15. Provides an Exciting and Enjoyable Experience

Stephen King said that books are a unique talisman. The author’s description is of the kind that we can fully embrace as we get more involved with the book.

Each page we read holds a mystery of the next. We are fascinated by the work, wondering what will happen after each point we solve.

We can spend our free time full of fun and excitement by making reading a habit. It is possible for us to be involved in an intriguing adventure from where we sit.

16. It Makes Us Discover Ourselves

Perhaps the most important point among the benefits of reading books: Getting to know our inner world. Discovering ourselves is an endless journey and continues as long as we live. The answer to the question of whether he travels a lot or reads a lot is hidden in the books.

Every sentence that comes out of the author’s pen translates into people’s collective feelings. Every book we read adds a new dimension to our imagination. Even if it is a science fiction story, that scene comes to life in our minds and we feel like we are living that moment.

We assimilate our reactions to events that have never happened to us in the past. We shed light on our good and bad sides by making an inference from each event on the page. Thus, we can see our own qualities more closely.

Wishing you happy reading…

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