What is Analytical Thinking and How to Develop it?

The concept of analytical thinking has started to appear frequently, especially in recent times. In the interviews conducted by the workplace to get a job, we are asked whether we have the ability to think analytically to a large extent. We have often heard that it covers a complementary and important area of child development. Of course there is more.

We don’t spend every day solving simple problems easily. Sometimes problems get so complicated that we get tired of trying to get out of them, we despair, and maybe we stop trying to solve the problem. Sometimes we cannot find the basis of the problem, and sometimes we are insufficient in producing a solution. For this reason, we have a negative impact on our lives.

However, if we calmly divide our problems into classes and understand the reason, maybe we can solve them easily. Analytical thinking ability is there to save us from all these troubles. Of course, there is no exercise where we can have this ability in one day. However, even raising awareness will be a big step and you will have adopted this ability over time without you noticing.

What is Analytical Thinking?

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In order to better understand the concept of analytical thinking, first of all, it is necessary to understand what deduction or deduction methods are. In its most basic form, it is to take a general subject and examine it until it becomes specific. These can also be called reasoning methods. According to this method of reasoning, we divide a general subject into parts, examine, scrutinize and come to conclusions one by one. In this way, we reduce the large piece.

The concept of analytical thinking is based on this most basic reasoning method. Assume that you have a comprehensive, complex subject that you find very difficult, with your analytical thinking ability, you will first divide that subject into parts, classify those parts, and think and work on them separately, and you will find and solve the main problem.

What Does Analytical Thinking Ability Provide Us?

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You can imagine how big doors having the ability to think analytically can open for us. Analytical thinking gives us a great advantage not only in finding a problem, but also in other important aspects such as ease of decision making, ability to analyze, ability to gather information. Thanks to the perspective it gives us, it will provide us with great support in increasing our overall success.

“Do you think you have the ability to think analytically?”, which has become one of the basic questions asked in the recruitment process today. As can be understood from the question, having this ability has a critical importance in working life. In addition to understanding whether you can handle complex problems, they also see if you have a creative side. Because while analytical thinking requires intense imaginative effort such as categorizing and dissecting, it turns you into a more creative person without realizing it, even if that is not your goal. Analytical thinking is an important skill to have in order to move up the steps in your career more confidently.

If we look at the earlier ages, thanks to the analytical thinking training that will be given to the children, they will more easily grasp the subjects that they will encounter during their education period, from mathematics to science lessons. Analytical comprehension skill, which is the basis of their success in comprehending the lessons, will be an important skill in which they gain more practicality and progress by increasing their power in their later years. In this way, they will be successful in solving their problems other than just the subjects they have been trained in.

It is an undeniable fact that people with stronger analytical thinking abilities tend to research and question. In this way, they provide a great advantage in learning lessons from every problem experienced in the past and using parts of past problems for future solutions. We can attribute this growth and development in the mind to the power of analytical thinking.

Another issue that is as important as solving problems is to classify the problems according to their priorities. When we have to deal with more than one problem, we falter, fail to make the right choice, or try to be burdened with more than one problem at the same time, which may show that our analytical thinking skills are not very strong. Because, as we said, analytical thinking does not only solve problems, it also allows us to classify them. Although this ability contributes to us in our private life, being in a position to make sensible decisions in emergency situations, especially in business life, provides a great advantage in reaching a leadership position.

So, does this analytical thinking always contribute to categorizing problems according to their urgency or to find solutions after they arise? Of course not… The ability to think analytically gives us the power to see or even prevent problems before they arise. The only thing to foresee may not be the problem. We can say that people who have developed the ability to think analytically take the first steps of a project that has not yet been formed. At the same time, they make a great contribution to the future thanks to their imagination in the development of a product or project. They make strong plans to create or develop new projects, so they can get positive feedback. Of course, they owe this improvement in their foresight abilities to their analytical thinking power.

How to Develop?

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Just as we must be in a state of constant repetition to grasp a subject we want to improve ourselves or a new language we want to learn, the same is true for improving this ability. We must constantly alert our minds. Think, think, think… Therefore, we practice and improve ourselves. So how do we keep our minds alert? By running! We will have to work our minds regularly.

There are simple and effective actions that we can do to exercise our minds.


Although it doesn’t sound fun, these exercises, which allow us to reach a more specific concept, the foundation, starting from the general, such as solving equations, give us the ability to plan, break a whole into parts, and finally reach the right result. You can do such exercises, which are not very fun on your own, with people around you, and you can gain analytical thinking skills together.

Dreaming and Reading Books

The power of reading cannot be underestimated. It was unthinkable that this beautiful act, which contributed to our success in many areas, could not help us gain analytical thinking skills. Reading a book may not seem logical at first to keep our minds always on the alert. Because in general, reading a book to escape from thoughts is like sleeping. People get away from thoughts. However, in our minds, this event does not proceed exactly that way.

We imagine the articles we read, not necessarily books, but without our own will. The place, smells, colors and even sounds mentioned in the article… These dreams trigger our brains at every moment and make us think. In this way, we gain the ability to think analytically without even noticing it. Also, what we learn by reading. If you cannot encourage yourself in this regard, you can write articles to criticize the books you read on the internet, and you can become a member of book reading clubs.

Being open to innovations

Being open to innovations is also a big step to improve our analytical thinking ability. With each new information, we repeat our old information, make room for new ones, so we always keep our minds alive. Going to new places and learning new things is a must during student years, but when the student years are over, it becomes more difficult for people to encourage themselves in this regard. In order to prevent this, we must discover what are the subjects we enjoy. In fact, even learning about our own tastes and subjects we like helps us to refresh our minds. Once we have found the topics that will interest us, it becomes easier to research and read.

To discover

Another method as effective as reading or doing math is exploring. As we discover ourselves, new enthusiasms may arise within us, or they may already be there. Now is the time to kick out these enthusiasms and curiosities. Going to new places, listening to new songs, eating new dishes… This whole process of discovery keeps the mind open and forces it to work. This feeds our analytical thinking ability.

Play a game

Playing games is of great benefit in strengthening our analytical thinking ability. Of course, not every game will benefit from doing this. Games that are classified as mind games that enable us to use our minds intensively are games that we can get help from. Mind games push you to plan and be forward-thinking. It can be said that it is the most fun way to strengthen analytical thinking ability.

Asking Questions

Asking questions, questioning, unfortunately, does not see the value it deserves among our daily hustle and bustle. We can’t even sit down and think about our perspective on the world and what we think is right. We avoid thinking to get away from our anxieties, questioning, and therefore asking questions. What was the last time you asked yourself about yourself, and when did you do it? I hope your answer is soon. If not, start asking yourself questions by gaining awareness.

To think

Thinking, pondering on a subject is a great resource to develop your analytical side. Give yourself time to think. You can try to gain a new perspective by examining the ideas that contradict your own ideas, and you can open a way to exercise your mind.


Associating more than one subject is a fun and useful habit in daily life. In order to gain the ability to classify in analytical thinking power, exercises to gather more than one class under a main topic are of great importance. The communication and connections of events or disciplines with each other are actually everywhere. Physics and chemistry, chemistry and biology… Even needs are interconnected. It’s important to gain this awareness and give yourself time to examine these connections.

Take note

Although note-taking may seem like a small action, it is perfect for a regular life and of course to strengthen your analytical thinking ability. Although it may seem like note-taking is used only to plan things to do, it’s actually much more than this tiny task post. For example, most of us have a notebook that we kept in our childhood: the diary.

Writing a diary not only exercises your mind, but also helps you to look at yourself from the outside with a new eye. When keeping a diary is like a task and consists of empty pages to be filled every evening or morning, the desire to write will surely decrease. For this reason, you can set new rules for yourself or reject all limits and rules and write them whenever you want. If you are more prescriptive and get bored of writing every day, you can keep a diary of emotions such as a happiness diary or sadness diary. In this way, keeping a diary can be removed from being a boring activity. Of course, there are also notes that can be excluded from the diary.

Now, there are applications for all possible note-taking topics that I will list. Of course, it would be an option to download the appropriate application instead of typing it with your hand. So what are they? You can keep a note of many things, from the distance you walk to your budget account, to make a daily calorie calculation, to keep a note of the calories you take, to note the number of cigarettes smoked or the number of non-smoking days during the smoking cessation process, to increase or regulate our daily water consumption, to keep a note of the amount of water consumed. All these are actions that have a great place in strengthening the ability to think analytically.

You can gain skills thanks to all these analytical thinking techniques, but there is one thing that should not be skipped, you should take all these actions as a goal for yourself. So you have to focus. Dedicate yourself to this task and watch this beautiful change you will experience from your private life to your education life and even your business life.


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