What are the Types of Vinegar and its Benefits?

What are the types of vinegar? Which vinegar is the most beneficial? Everything about this fermented product, which is used in every field from cleaning to food, is in our article.

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One of the Oldest Guests of the Table: Vinegar

The history of vinegar is as old as when wine existed. It is known that it was produced in Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian civilizations as well as traces of it until the first ages. It has been used not only as food but also for therapeutic purposes.

The choice of those who want a refreshing drink was again in favor of vinegar. Although it is not known exactly how it is done, it is not difficult to guess. There is no doubt that they found it through experience, since wine exposed to oxygen for a long time will turn into vinegar. Today, it is also used for hygienic purposes and there are many types. If we look at the types of vinegar, we can start with the most known ones…

Types of Vinegar

1) Grape Vinegar

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Grape vinegar contains vitamins A and C. It contains plenty of potassium, iron and magnesium. It suppresses hunger by creating a feeling of satiety. It is used for fat burning as it is a great option for diet. It is also good for heart health and helps to balance the glucose level in the blood. Grape vinegar, which also helps to keep the immune system strong, can facilitate digestion. It gives the hair a natural shine and gives a shiny appearance.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar

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Just like grape cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar also helps to lose weight. Contains probiotics and supports the recovery of bad cholesterol. On dandruff hair, it acts as a natural shampoo. It also fights skin infections with its acidic structure that kills microbes. It is effective in the proper functioning of the intestines and is also good for digestion. Consumption of large amounts can adversely affect dental health. Therefore, it should be taken in an amount that will add flavor to the meals.

3) White Vinegar

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White vinegar, which is used in all types of cleaning, is a very successful disinfectant. It is produced from corn or sugar beet. It has a very strong taste and it would not be wrong to say that there is no place where it is not used. In diabetic individuals, it helps to balance the glucose level in the blood. It is beneficial for heart and brain health. It supports the cognitive abilities to stay strong. Therefore, it is among the beneficial foods for the brain.

White vinegar also reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It is recommended for maintaining the integrity of the bones, as it strengthens the calcium intake. It is rich in minerals and contributes to the prevention of cancer with its components. It is effective in solving dermatological problems such as urticaria and wounds. Just like baking soda, it can be used to make teeth whiter. It removes dandruff in the hair and provides a voluminous and healthy appearance.

4) Balsamic Vinegar

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Balsamic vinegar obtained from grapes has a very dense consistency. It is produced in a way that completely preserves the minerals in the fruit. It is a type of vinegar that is preferred because of its nutritional value. It is rich in iron and magnesium. It helps to cure acute gastritis and other stomach problems. Contributes to balancing the glucose level in the blood in diabetic individuals.

It plays an active role in protecting skin health. It is also used to soothe acne and other dermatological problems. It can be effective in maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system. Likewise, it can act as a supporting element in the activation of enzymes. It has valuable minerals to keep overall body health balanced. It has been observed that it reduces total cholesterol and has positive effects on hormones.

Originating in Italy, this type is one of the types of vinegar that has survived to the present day by gaining a reputation for its healing properties. It is more expensive than other varieties, as a lot of effort is put into its production.

5) A Different Alternative for Vinegar Types: White Wine Vinegar


It is created by converting alcohol into vinegar. It is produced from white grapes and is obtained by processing wine. It contributes to the acceleration of metabolism. It helps to control blood sugar. It is preferred for weight control and cholesterol balancing.

6) Pomegranate Vinegar

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A type of vinegar that we do not know very well is obtained from pomegranate juice. Pomegranate vinegar, which is an antioxidant on its own, is consumed to protect heart health. Not limited to this, it is also an auxiliary component in balancing blood pressure. It is recommended to be used by those who are on a diet due to its contribution to increasing the metabolic rate. Pomegranate vinegar, which is especially preferred by those who do sports, can also support muscle growth.

7) Quince Vinegar

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The benefits of the sour winter fruit quince are innumerable. When vinegar is included in the work, the benefit it provides increases. Like many types of vinegar, it can be made at home and added to salads. This probiotic, which helps keep the immune system strong, is rich in calcium. It contributes to the resolution of problems in the upper respiratory tract.

It supports the proper functioning of the digestive system. It also has a relaxing effect on the intestines. It can be used to maintain general health. Although it was preferred to heal burns in ancient times, this application is not recommended today.

8) Strawberry Vinegar

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Strawberry, which is indispensable in summer, also has vinegar. It is one of the lesser known varieties and its taste is slightly sweeter than the others. It can positively affect general health by contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system. The minerals and vitamins it contains are also skin-friendly. It ensures the protection of the skin’s elastic structure, and can also be used to reduce acne. It helps to solve the problem of dandruff, which is the main enemy of hair. It is applied by compressing to reduce the number of varicose veins.

9) Hawthorn Vinegar

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It is one of the vinegar types that we are a little unfamiliar with as much as vinegar. Hawthorn fruit; It has many colors such as red, yellowish, pink. This edible wild fruit begins to adorn its leaves in the fall.

It also has great benefits when turned into vinegar. Suitable for diabetic individuals and beneficial in terms of cholesterol. It is often used in curing anemia. However, positive results can be seen in balancing blood values. It is also consumed to relieve pain in the treatment of renal colic , that is, kidney stone, which causes a painful complaint. It is also a storehouse of vitamins with its abundant vitamin C, magnesium and potassium content.

10) Cherry Vinegar

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Another summer fruit and another interesting vinegar. Cherries, which contain high antioxidants, have a great role in removing harmful substances from the body. This type, which is good for heart health, is one of the most delicious among vinegar varieties. It is also used in the treatment of cellulite, it gives a natural shine to the hair.

11) Honey Vinegar

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Made with organic honey, this vinegar has a different sour taste than the others. It is obtained through fermentation and can also be made at home. Honey, which is also used in skin care under normal conditions, helps prevent aging. When turned into vinegar, it also acts as an ideal anti-aging. Contributes to faster healing of throat infections. It can be effective in preventing bad cholesterol by balancing the problem of high blood pressure.

12) Apricot Vinegar

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It has an orangeish color and is somewhat harsh in taste. Vinegar of the apricot, which is a summer fruit, is common outside of Turkey, although it is less known. It contains plenty of iron and contains vitamin P, which we do not hear about often. It plays a role in solving the problem of loss of appetite. It helps to reduce headache. It helps to prevent the formation of many types of cancer. Apricot vinegar, which is also beneficial for eye health, is also used to protect the general health of the body.

13) Mulberry Vinegar

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The vinegar of a wonderful fruit takes its name from the mulberry. We can also buy it ourselves. Mulberry vinegar, which has many benefits, can be prepared with black or white mulberry. It supports the normal functioning of the immune system. It can be consumed to create a detox effect on the liver. It is important in kidney health, as well as in the elimination of skin-related problems.

In diseases of the upper respiratory tract, it has an expectorant feature. In addition to its positive effects in terms of anemia, it also has a healing feature on blood circulation.

As we can see, there are many more types of vinegar than we think. It has many uses, from house cleaning to food, from marinating to pickle making. You can obtain an additive-free vinegar by choosing one of the types that you can prepare at home. It is possible to add different flavors to your tables with this fermented product, which is a healing store.

Healthy days…

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