What are the Benefits of Bıttım Soap? What Is It Good For? How is it produced?

The benefits of Bıttım soap are endless. However, let’s try to explain the benefits of Bıttım soap as much as we can. Bıttım is a fruit grown in Southeastern Anatolia. It is the ungrafted version of Siirt pistachio. It is generally preferred in skin care. So how is the production of Bıttım soap? What are the benefits of Bıttım soap and how should it be used?

What is Bittim?

what is bittim

Bıttım is actually the uninfused version of Pistachio or Siirt pistachio, which we all love to consume. It is known by different names such as “çitlenbik, çedene, chitemik, çıtlık” according to the region where it is grown. This plant, which is grown in Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia Regions, is used both in soap making and in coffee making. Bittim trees that grow in extremely hot climates are quite rare. Although it is generally consumed as nuts, it is used quite effectively in soap making.

How is Bıttım Soap Produced?

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The harvest of this fruit grown in Siirt is done towards the end of September. Those that are not in good condition among the collected plants are removed and left to dry for about 10 days. Dried bittims are ground and kneaded with water that is not very hot. After a 2-hour kneading process, the oils that come out are set aside and the finished pieces are taken to rest for 1 night. During this process, it is filtered.

Bittim oil is poured little by little into the boiling water in the lit cauldron and mixed. Thanks to this process, the water in the boiler is evaporated and the remaining oil in the boiler is discarded. As the oily mixture in the kneaded and crushed bittims is mixed, the water rises to the surface. The water that comes out is taken into a container and this is repeated when the water is collected on each surface.

While the cauldron containing the bittim oil continues to boil, a chemical solution that will show the saponification reactions is prepared in another vessel. The mixture in the boiler is boiled for approximately 14-16 hours and saponification takes place. At the end of this process, while the soap is still hot and liquid, it is taken from the boiler and placed in containers. Bıttım soaps, which are put on hold, become ready for sale in the form of molds after about 3 days.

What are the Benefits of Bıttım Soap?

Benefits of Bıttım soap

  • It helps prevent hair loss. When Bıttım soap is used on the hair regularly, it prevents hair loss. If you suffer from hair loss, you can experience stronger and shiny hair after 7-8 months of regular use. As it moisturizes the hair, it prevents electrification and breakage. It also helps it take shape easily.
  • Bıttım soap is antiseptic. Bıttım soap, which consists of completely natural ingredients, kills germs thanks to its antiseptic feature. It is very effective against problems such as eczema, fungus, acne and acne.
  • It relaxes the heirs. Bıttım soap provides the opening of the pores as it has a peeling effect. This helps to reduce varicose veins and relieve the area.
  • It helps to remove skin blemishes. It is very effective in passing skin spots that develop due to the sun and other factors.
  • It is also an effective soap for body cleaning. Bıttım soap, which consists of organic components instead of chemical cleansers, is also perfect for body cleaning. The dry feeling that normally occurs when washed with soap does not occur in finished soap.

How to Use Bıttım Soap?

Benefits of Bıttım soap

Since Bıttım soap is organic, it is recommended to be used without mixing with any chemicals. Usage on hair is just like shampoo. Wash wet hair thoroughly by foaming it with finished soap, then rinse. It is recommended to use once every two days on the hair.

If you are going to use it for the skin, you can clean your body with finished soap during the shower. Although it will only be used for facial cleansing, it can be used twice a week before going to bed.


BONUS: If you want to make your own soap, you can see how it is done in the video below!



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