Robert Downey Jr’s Inspirational Story That You Should Never Give Up

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Robert Downey Jr., one of the most famous and successful actors in Hollywood, whom we know from movies such as “Iron Man”, “The Avengers” and “Sherlock Holmes”, walked on this path. Downey shows us with his life that we can’t achieve anything without effort.
Robert “John” Downey Jr was born in 1965 in Manhattan. His father was a director and actor so Robert started getting small roles when he was just 5 years old.

He was 6 years old when he met with drugs.

He grew up in drugs from an early age, as his father was a drug addict. Marijuana when Downey was 6 years old was allowed to use. And when he was just 9 years old, Robert Downey Jr. had become a user.

“When I used drugs with my father, I thought it was the only way he knew to express his love for me.”

His relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker, whom he met in 1984, ended after 7 years due to drugs.

In 1991, Downey’s drug addiction was getting worse, and this caused the relationship to end. After that, his life completely spiraled out of control. By 1996, he was arrested multiple times, attended rehab, appeared in court multiple times, and went to jail. After his first arrest, he broke into a neighbor’s house and fell asleep due to excessive substance use, and therefore underwent rehabilitation treatment, undergoing a drug test for 3 years. in 1997, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison for missing one of the drug test instructions.

When he got out of prison in 2001, he had neither money nor a family.

Robert Downey Jr., who tells that he went through terrible things in prison, says that he woke up twice in a pool of his own blood. Also, having lost everything that could be lost when he got out of prison, Downey took a job at a pizzeria to make a living. Here he worked for only 8 cents an hour.

His transformation into our “superhero” took place after 2003.

He met producer Susan Levin in 2003. He fell in love with this strong woman and proposed marriage. However, Susan turned down the offer, saying she would never marry him if she didn’t quit drugs. Two years later, Downey Jr. was completely cleared of drugs, and in 2005 Susan Levin and Downey Jr. married. For him, the year before 2005 was now history, and now it was time to look into the future.

He took responsibility for his actions and had great success. He stopped making excuses and decided that he could save himself from the despair he had pushed himself into.

“I think strength is the source of being able to move forward, believing that you can move forward. And it gives you the confidence to finally look back and face what you’ve done.”

Robert Downey Jr. is now known throughout the world and is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. He was on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid Hollywood actors between 2012 and 2015. The point is,
no matter how hard your life is, never give up. The most important requirement of being successful is to want success and to be able to sacrifice for it.

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