The Break on the Road to Success: The Plato Effect in 8 Items

Melike Çalkap

Melike Çalkap

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We have all gone through the so-called “Plato Effect”. This period is the time period in our daily life where the feelings of “drowsiness, boredom and feeling blocked” are experienced most intensely. During this period, your soul is bored and you are often tired of your routine life. Doing any job is nothing but a burden for you at that moment.
This situation affects us a lot in our daily life, but the defense mechanism of our body, which fights with this and many other things, comes to our rescue. Because the body ignores the things that are constant in our lives (for example, we get used to the noise of the city after a while and we don’t hear it). And in this way, it adapts itself to focus on change and innovation.
Although it seems that there is no problem so far, there are times when we have to deactivate our defense mechanism for ourselves. The reason is to prevent the existence of a feeling like “habit”. Habit is a motive that pushes us to become desensitized and ordinary in our daily lives. After a while, even the achievements we have achieved may be far from giving us pleasure just for this reason.
Bob Sullivan and Hugh Thompson are doing some research on this. Created by the Plato effect; They are trying to find the reasons why someone running from success to success suddenly gets stuck and cannot overcome the obstacles in front of them, they are looking for a solution.
According to these two, the solution is to realize that we are in a plateau effect. So how do we find out? According to Sullivan and Thompson, we need 8 items to understand the plateau effect. Here are those items:
1) Wrong Timing: We often work hard and expect to be rewarded. But it is not always expected. At this point, it is necessary to wait silently for the right time and make the right attack at the right time.
2) Resource Flow: Realizing that resources are depleted when needed leads us all to a dead end. This money can be qualified people or strong connections. At this point, it is necessary to search for different materials that will replace the resources Sullivan and Thompson call “Magic Materials”.
3) Greedy Algorithm: We all want big wins in the short run. However, when we proceed on this path, we will lose the short-term gains in the short-term. The way to overcome this situation is to try to open our horizons and choose ways that will make us happy in the longer term.
4) False Information: Regardless of the destination we are trying to reach, it is necessary to be aware of how important the road to the destination is for us and what it adds to us, and never abandon this path.
5) Immunity: Continuity limits your imagination and desire after a while. You have to make room for changes in your life.

6) Delayed Failure: Some people cannot accept their failures and try their best to delay it. At this point, we must instill in ourselves being open-minded and confront our failures rather than delay them. Because the sooner we become aware of our failure, the sooner we can make up for it and take a more solid path to success.
7) Perfectionism: The best way to get rid of perfectionism is to go step by step towards our goals and evaluate each step well.
8) Distraction: In order to intervene in this problem, we need to stop for a while, listen to ourselves, and then take action.

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