Turkish Woman Scientist Speaks at the United Nations: ‘Atatürk is my Infinite Motivation Source’



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The first Turkish scientist who found the first digestible sensor and was elected a Fellow of the Harvard Young Academy, Dr. Canan Dağdeviren gave a speech at the United Nations on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February.
On the list of Inventors Under 35 created every year by MIT Technology Review, Dr. Canan Dağdeviren said that her biggest motivation is Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic.
Dağdeviren said that she tries to trigger the love of science among young people at every opportunity, especially during her travels to Turkey, and stated that she is in constant communication with them on social media.
“No matter the field, doing science is a revolution,” said Dr. Canan Dağdeviren ended her speech with Atatürk’s words “Peace at home, peace in the world”.
Here is that conversation:

After his speech, Dağdeviren made a statement on Twitter that “I dedicate my speech to all women who live with the taste of revolution” .

Canan Dağdeviren’s speech was also reflected on social media. Congratulatory messages came from many people.

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