10 Features You Must Have to Succeed in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The increasing prevalence of the main fields of technology, such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, nano-technology, renewable energy processing, quantum computers, supercomputers, digital marketing and bio-technology, have brought us into a brand new era of automation. In this process, the fact that many jobs have disappeared and that new business lines will be replaced at the same time is a reality accepted by the whole world. In addition to accepting to live with machines, there are extra features that people who want to guarantee their profession in the future should have. Here are 10 of those features.

1) Analytical thinking competence.

The fact that it can divide the problems that arise by dominating the relations between the industries into meaningful parts with certain methods helps both to interpret it with a broad perspective and can be said to be the most effective coping feature of artificial intelligence against possible problems in this field.

2) Ability to think critically.

People who enable the data to be transformed into interpretations in a meaningful way will make serious contributions both to themselves and to the environment in the business field, especially when many different disciplines are intertwined, when they clarify their own boundaries and the stance of those around them.

“Learn to use the power of your brain. Critical thinking is key to creatively solving problems in business.” —Richard Branson (Investor, CEO)

3) Creativity.

In situations that are defined as the quality of randomness in marketing terms, in possible crisis moments or to produce something based on instant ideas is the most important feature of winning both today and tomorrow.

4) People management.

Although it has been taken for granted that it is normal for robots to have a full suite of analytical and mathematical abilities and to make extraordinary use of them in our every job, the vital need for understanding people and obtaining their leadership is still human and human intelligence.

5) Teamwork disposition.

Effective communication and teamwork abilities also push to make the keystone element of the future.

6) Emotional intelligence.

Apart from these two features that come to mind as empathic and enpathetic, the features that show high emotional intelligence, such as high behavioral feelings gathered under the name of curiosity, research and feeling, are known as one of the most critical determinants of recruitment.

7) Strong decision-making mechanism.

Transforming a lot of data into meaningful results with data analysis methods and using them efficiently is a most needed feature of the information age.

8) Compromise approach skills.

Being able to negotiate with other companies and people and produce optimized benefits and solutions that give the best results for both parties draws attention as a feature that will work very well in the relevant sectors.

9) Cognitive flexibility.

In addition to the facts we all know for informatics, the reality of the age, being able to adopt different personalities according to the current situation will become a necessity for future companies that will take place in more than one industry.

10) Service orientation.

Every company will need employees who can understand and solve the customer’s problems in the best way possible and provide them with useful service and support.

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