You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Anything To Succeed

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

İTÜ-Kimya Müh.

What does it take to be successful?
Whatever your definition of success, we know very well that it is not easy to achieve.
“I want to live life on my own principles and on my terms.” Even a simple definition of success like this requires hard work. Any sane person who wants to lead a quality life can understand this.
But we all get pessimistic when it comes to what we have to give up for success. No matter what we are trying to achieve in life, we should under no circumstances “sacrifice” anything.

“If you think something is a sacrifice, you shouldn’t do it.” – Tony Robbins

This idea may sound wrong to you, but Tony Robbins’ achievements cannot be ignored. Maybe it will inspire you to reconsider this idea.
When we embark on a journey to success, we think we have to sacrifice something.
“I can’t go out every weekend anymore.”
“I can’t spend my money on useless things.”
“I can’t go on vacation this year.”
“I have to read every day.”
“I should always think positively.”

When we set ourselves such limits, we seem to sacrifice many things in our lives. So, could we be looking at this from the wrong side?
Have you ever imagined what happens when you think you have to sacrifice something in your life to be successful? You will be disappointed and angry with yourself. This lofty purpose that should make you happy will unfortunately make you miserable.

Don’t compromise, prioritize.

Let’s set ourselves a simple rule: If I have to compromise to do something, I won’t do it.
We cannot look at everything we do as choices. Nobody is forcing us to work hard. Similarly, we don’t sacrifice our free time, we spend time getting better at what we do. We do not sacrifice entertainment, we add vision to ourselves by reading books. We do not compromise on a vacation, we love to work. Of course, everyone needs a vacation and rest. Even resting increases our productivity. But it’s about our perspective on life.
If we change our mindset from “I’m sacrificing something” to “I’m choosing something”, we will be prioritizing our lives. We no longer focus on what we missed, but instead on what we took out of our lives.
The idea of sacrificing something to be successful comes from our habit of comparing our lives with others. Why do you think you are sacrificing certain things? Certainly, we arrive at this conclusion by comparing ourselves to what others are doing.

There is no such thing as work-life balance.

Another problem is that we still believe in work-life balance. Tell me:
We work to pay the bills and our job takes about 8-9 hours of our day. This means that we spend most of our time working and going to work. In other words: our work is our life.
The solution to a successful life is to choose a career that fits your goals, lifestyle and strengths. So choosing a job that doesn’t feel like a job.
So how do we do this? Of course, learning should be a priority over your tastes. Become better at what you do. Learn about your strengths and work in an area where you can be part of the significant minority.
This means that you choose to hone your skills rather than having fun. But this is not sacrifice, it is a well thought out choice.

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