25 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make A Second Time If You Want to Succeed

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Making mistakes is part of life. Thanks to our mistakes, we gain experience and we are successful thanks to these experiences. Although some people find it difficult to admit that they made a mistake, successful people immediately realize their mistake and try to learn from it. Maybe you should stop making these 25 mistakes that you will realize when you read them. ☺

“Everybody makes mistakes. Failure is not making mistakes, but making the same mistake over and over.”

1) Ignoring your instincts

Sometimes we avoid doing things for no reason. It’s easy to take a rational route and ignore our instincts. However, successful people have only made this mistake once. Taking your instincts into account also gives you a broader view of what’s going on and gives you more confidence in your decisions.

2) Not asking compelling questions

Sometimes we are afraid to ask the details that we are curious about because we are afraid of being the one who always interrupts things. However, there are moments when you have to ask challenging questions. Maybe you’ve made this mistake before, but if you want to be successful, give it up. Feel free to sound awkward and ask for any information you need.

3) Swimming in safe waters

I’m not saying jump into a pool full of sharks, of course.☺ . However, if you always choose the safe path in life, you probably avoid making mistakes and add nothing to yourself. In other words, while avoiding making mistakes, you are unconsciously making one of the biggest mistakes you can make. In order to be successful, you must stop this habit of yours as soon as possible and start taking risks. Successful people would rather try something new and fail than play it safe and lead a boring life.

4) Chasing perfection

It’s easy to chase down the promise of an opportunity that looks great. So is believing the word of a charismatic and attractive man… But remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Nobody is perfect and successful people only fall into this trap once. They remain skeptical for the rest of their lives.

5) blaming others

Avoiding responsibility and blaming others for your mistakes is a great way to ruin yourself and your relationships. While it’s part of human nature to blame others, anyone who wants to be successful must know how to take on responsibilities. By taking responsibility for your mistakes, you can grow and gain the respect of the people around you.

6) Letting your emotions decide

Even though we know in the back of our minds that we should stop it, our emotions can take control from time to time. In particular, negative emotions such as jealousy, suspicion and anger can cause even the most rational people to make bad decisions. Successful people don’t fall into this trap more than once.

7) Working until exhausted

No one achieves their dream life overnight. When you look at people living their dreams, you see a lot of work and continuity in the background. However, as a successful person you must also maintain balance in life. Being a workaholic will put you in a long-term stress and eventually exhaust you. Remember to take some time for yourself to relax.

8) Take a shortcut

There are no shortcuts at work or in your private life. Jumping directly to your desired outcome will most likely cause you to fail. You may have tried to take a shortcut before, but the important thing is that you do not repeat this mistake.

9) Trying to get everyone’s approval

We all want approval from others and to be loved. The successful ones are those who realized long ago that it is impossible to make everyone happy. Everyone has an opinion, and no matter how hard you try, some people will never be satisfied. Know that trying to make everyone happy reduces your productivity and start working only for your target audience.

10) Refusing to change

Determination is essential for success. But there is a fine line between determination and stubbornness. While determination will help you achieve your goals, stubbornness can prevent you from handling things realistically. If you persist in situations that require you to change, you cannot wait for success to come.

11) Preferring instant gratification

Postponing gratification can be difficult for many of us. After all, we live in an age where it seems absurd and unnecessary to wait for something we want. But remember, achieving big goals in life takes a lot of work. Successful people are those who have learned that their determination to success is more important than instant gratification and how great the pleasure they will get when they get what they want.

12) Not doing your job with passion

While it’s true that even great achievers have things they don’t like about their jobs, these people are firmly committed to their ultimate goals and dreams. Many people may have found themselves in a job they never liked. At this point, what successful people do is to give up and focus on their dreams, no matter how much their salary is.

13) Lying

We all know the importance of honesty, but even good people can make bad decisions from time to time. Lying is one of the first solutions we resort to when we are in a difficult situation, and if you are a success chaser, you should not repeat it. Realize how important your reputation is, don’t do things that will destroy your dignity and credibility.

14) Not setting boundaries

Setting boundaries with others is about your ability to say no. When you don’t put healthy distances between you and those around you, you will always find yourself trying to do what others want and wasting time and energy on things you don’t want to do. Successful people are aware of boundaries and can politely and clearly say no to things they don’t want.

15) Pretending to be someone you are not

Acting like the person others want you to be can sometimes seem tempting. However, you should know that pretending to be someone you are not will have bad consequences no matter what. People will think that you are an unfit person.

16) Thinking that you are a victim of almost everything

Successful people can fall into the trap of pretending to be the victim and, for once, allow themselves to be pitied. However, they should quickly realize that the victim mentality means avoiding responsibility and losing control by gaining the attention and sympathy of others and turn from this mistake. Success does not come from desperation or self-pity. To be successful, you have to be able to overcome something.

17) Making promises you can’t deliver

One of the golden rules of business life is to deliver more than you promise. This way, you can exceed your customers’ expectations. Even successful people have made big promises that they can’t keep at some point in their lives. However, when the delivery time comes and they see that they cannot keep their promises, they add this mistake to their list of experiences so that they will not make it again. If you want to be called “his word is a bond” in business life, you should not put those in front of you into high expectations.

18) Not asking for (eating) help

No one can achieve great success without help from others. Even though we know this, we still sometimes succumb to the urge to do things on our own. In the beginning, successful people quickly realize that everyone needs and is willing to help, even if they are stubborn not to let anyone help them.

19) Not trying to see the big picture

Seeing the big picture and being aware of our core goals can be challenging in the daily hustle and bustle of life. To achieve success, you need to pull yourself out when you’re lost and always keep your primary goals in mind. Set your daily priorities and let those priorities chart a path towards your primary goals.

20) Seeing your opponents as enemies

One of the most common mistakes we make in our business and private lives is to spend too much energy to beat our competitors. Those who have achieved success know that the main thing to win is to make customers happy, and they spend their energies on following trends. Stop seeing your opponents as enemies and focus on correcting your own weaknesses.

21) Trying to mend things that have shattered

Imagine that you spend too much time, energy, and money to see something the way you have pre-planned. The problem is; Whatever this thing is, it’s irreparably broken. The reason you’re still struggling is because you can’t accept that you’ve lost what you’ve spent so far. If you want to be successful, at some point you have to see your losses and withdraw. Remember, the sooner you accept, the less you lose.

22) Not sticking to a budget

Financial mistakes are common. We see that even successful people were once wrong about financial matters. But those who want to be successful quickly realize the value of having a budget and sticking to it. Have a financial plan based on your income and expenses.

23) Giving importance to other people’s priorities rather than your own

It is one thing to support someone when they need it, it is another to act by constantly putting the priorities of others before your own… You should invest in yourself for success and not put yourself in the background. Being able to stand up for yourself and your priorities is very important.

24) Not being honest with yourself

Getting to know yourself may seem like one of the easiest things in this world. After all, we live in the depths of our own minds. However, sometimes we hide the truths that we are afraid to face, even from ourselves. Self-deception can end up sabotaging yourself. Therefore, above all, be honest with yourself and face your problems.

25) Sweating profusely for the little things

Life is too short to get hung up on trivial details. Stop wasting your precious time and energy on the little things. Remember that success will follow when you realize that your little obsessions are holding back a lot of big things ahead of you and start doing your best for your business.

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