3 Questions You Should Remove From Your Life To Achieve Success and Happiness

Melike Çalkap

Melike Çalkap

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In order to achieve personal success and happiness, it is always necessary to know ourselves first and learn what we want. At this point, we have to set out according to our own wishes and goals and evaluate ourselves correctly. However, on this path, we can sometimes make it difficult to reach the target point with the wrong questions that we think are right. First of all, although these questions seem really necessary, they are actually questions that disrupt your motivation, focus and productivity.
While making an effort to achieve success and happiness, first remove these 3 questions from your life:

1) How will I do it?

When you start a business, thinking about how you will do it only shows that you are results-oriented. But the most important thing is what you do on the way you enter, what you add to yourself… You may be much more likely to encounter failure when you seek success with a result-oriented approach. Whatever you want to do, start now. Take risks, experience and observe. Once you have decided to do something, remember that there will always be a possible way to achieve it.

“If you can’t take risks, you’ll have to settle down in a casual place.” Jim Rohn

2) Is This My Passion?

Whatever you do, doing it with passion brings success. But before you start doing something, it will probably be a waste of time to think about whether you want it passionately. Once you’ve decided what you want out of life, just start doing it. It’s almost impossible to know if you have a passion before you set out. Just get started. Strive to be the best in everything you do. Because this will bring you success, happiness and even passion.

3) Am I the Right Person to Do This?

Of course, we all have innate talents. While some of us are born to be a basketball champion, some of us exist to be world-famous painters. However, asking yourself this question will limit yourself to personal success. Because none of us are actually perfect enough to do any job. But if you are truly determined to achieve what you want to do then you are the right person. Remember that your belief is much more important than the answer to this question. Because it can bring success and happiness.

“You have to believe that something different can happen. Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually right.” Henry Ford

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