From the Skateboard Shop to Become Fashion’s Superpower: SUPREME in 7 Items

Kemal Çetin Ozan

Kemal Çetin Ozan

a.k.a. male version of bridget jones

Named after the song A Love Supreme and founded by James Jebbia in 1994, Supreme quickly became one of the most influential brands in fashion. It is possible to see the logo of this New York-Manhattan origin brand, which has gained global recognition with its collaborations with brands such as Nike, Levi’s, Louis Vuitton and Playboy, all over the world.
We’ve compiled 7 surprising facts you need to know about Supreme , one of the most powerful soldiers of pop culture, one of the new greats of fashion, who creates a sensation with every event he does.

1. Total Cost of First Supreme Store: $12,000

The total cost of James Jebbia’s first Supreme store was $12,000.

2. Supreme Logo Font Same as Barbara Font Used in Propaganda Texts

The Barbara Font , also known as the propaganda font, designed by Barbara Kruger , is used in the logo of the Supreme brand. It is a known fact that the designer sued the Supreme brand in this regard. In this case, which was brought to court in 2013, a compensation of 10 million dollars was requested from the Supreme brand.

3. Supreme Doesn’t Work on Supply-Demand Principle

The brand, which is far from classical marketing principles, has never produced as many products as demanded. They took advantage of the non- marketing tactic, always producing less than half of the demand. When a new collection is introduced, the loyal customers of the brand are willing to wait in line for more than 24 hours to buy pieces from the collection.

4. Only Three Skateboards Sold for $16,000 in 2006

At that time, the brand working with J. Koons sold three skateboards called “Monkey Trained Skate” for $ 16,000 at auction.

5. Supreme Subway Cards Cost $1,000

In 2017, it was decided to print the Supreme logo on subway cards in New York. However, the brand has spread the news that these cards are left in limited numbers at certain metro stations. Subway cards with the Supreme logo, the original price of which is $ 6, are currently offered for sale on many websites between $ 150 and $ 1000.

6. Supreme Bricks

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. A clothing brand even sold bricks. The red, foam-shaped, brick-shaped bricks with the Supreme logo printed on the top were sold online in 2016 for $30 by the brand. As you can guess, the bricks (?!) ran out in seconds. Currently, the price exceeds $ 1000 on online sales sites.

7. J. Jebbia, Founder of the Brand, Still Doesn’t Know How to Skateboard

James Jebbia , the founder of Supreme , which initially appeared as a skateboard brand and a sub-culture element, explained in an interview that he did not know how to skateboard, but because he liked the graffiti on them, he embarked on such a business.

Also, realizing that there is no skateboard brand in the current market, the founder James Jebbia , who also showed an example of entrepreneurship, proved once again in a short time that everything is possible with the right strategies.

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