How to Study? Things To Do To Be More Efficient

“How to study?” No matter what age you are, it is one of the questions that always puzzles you. The ritual of studying , which is included in your life on the day you start primary school at the age of 6, becomes a part of your life as you get older and becomes a part of your life until the end of your life. So, how to study more efficiently? What should be paid attention to while studying? We have compiled the answers to these and many more questions for you. We wish you good reading.

Study Techniques

how to study

Everyone has their own way of working. If you do not have a working method of your own, let’s look at the ways you can follow.

1) You Must Adjust Time Management

how to study

“How to study?” The first answer to the question is: You can work by setting the time properly. You must determine the time that is convenient for you. Some like to sit and work at night, while others are better suited to work early in the morning. Which one are you? Set a specific time of the day to study. Setting a time frame will make it easier for you to make your plans and put your life in order.

You have to determine for yourself how long you need to take a break while studying. How long can you maintain your concentration? If you are distracted after 40 minutes while working on a subject, you should take a break. However, you should take care to do activities that will clear your head during the break.

Your breaks should be rest breaks to focus your attention on studying, not avoiding studying. If spending time on social media delays you from starting your studies, you should definitely not use social media applications during your breaks.

2) You Should Choose Your Working Method In Which You Will Be Efficient

how to study

Are you one of those who work by writing or is just reading enough for you to learn? First of all, you should choose the working method that suits you best. Sometimes you realize that even if you spend your hours working, you can never be productive. Here you can find out that your working method is wrong.

Another person can be very successful in writing and working. But that doesn’t mean you have to work by typing. You should try different methods to find what works best for you and shape your work accordingly. Each person’s understanding capacity is different. You should try without hesitation until you choose the method that best suits your own understanding.

3) You Must Find Your Most Appropriate Working Environment

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The environment in which you will work will affect you. Some like to work in crowded environments and some like to work in places where there is no noise. Here, too, you need to find out which one you will get the most benefit from. You can turn your home environment into a working environment. If you like working in a cafe but you can’t go to the cafe, you can design your table like a cafe table.

The environment you work in will increase your efficiency. Without forgetting this, you should determine your working environments.

4) You Should Be Careful About Getting Your Sleep


“How to study?” There is also “sleep” among the answers to the question. If you don’t get enough sleep, the efficiency of your work will decrease. It is important to remember: No matter what you do, sleep is one of the things that keeps a body alive. The better your sleep, the more efficient you will study.

In addition to night sleep, you can rest with 15-20 minute sleep breaks during the day when you feel tired. If you still feel tired while starting to work after this little sleep break, you can wake up your body with small exercises.

5) You Should Put Regular Nutrition at the Center of Your Life

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The healthier your body is, the more productive you will get from your work. Thanks to regular nutrition, your mind gets stronger and you feel more energetic. At the point where you have settled your diet, it will not be difficult for you to work efficiently anymore. Taking good care of your body will provide positive results in all areas of your life.

6) You Should Pay Attention to Planned Work

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It is very important to make a plan for studying. Messy work will cause a disorder and reduce your productivity. Therefore, before you start working, you should prepare a plan by considering the issues you need to work on.

7) You Should Keep Electronic Devices Out of Your Working Environment

how to study

In order to fully immerse yourself in the study, you should not have electronic devices around you that may distract you. A text message in the middle of your work can instantly distract you and interrupt your work. During your working time, you should silence your phone and keep it out of your sight.

8) You Should Create a Working Group

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Sometimes working in groups is much more helpful for learning. One of your friends in your study group may catch a point you missed while working. Learning in a group where everyone notices a different point will be very productive.

Study Methods

1) Making Important Details Visible

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This method is one that many people use. While reading the subject you need to study from a source, you can mark the parts that will be useful for you with a colored pencil and save them in your visual memory. In addition to drawing with a colored pencil, making small notes with your own words next to the text will help you learn the subject you are studying more easily.

2) Preparing Summary Notes

how to study

Writing is one of the most preferred working methods. Summarizing the language you read in a way you can understand will be very helpful for learning to take place. You can summarize it with certain words that will be catchy in your own way. Moreover, by using different colors, you can keep the subject in your mind visually.

You can buy yourself a summary notebook. By coloring this notebook as your imagination allows, you can blend the colors of your inner world with the subjects you need to learn. The human brain remembers information associated with different colors much more easily.

3) THIEVES Method

how to study

The definition of the word THIVES is as follows: main title, titles (header), introduction (indroduction), first sentence of every pragraph, visuals and words (visuals, vocabulary), chapter summary (chapter summary). Let’s take a closer look at how these words work.

The first thing you should do when starting a study is to look at what the main title of the article tells. Thanks to the main title, you will know the frame you need to stay in while reading. Then the titles Thanks to the subheadings of the article, you will see what you can learn. The introduction will give you an overview of the article.

By reading the first sentence of each paragraph , you can learn the details as well as the general information about the article. If there are images in the articles you read, the images will not only inform you about the content of the article, but will also help you to keep the subject in your mind visually.

Summary sections of the chapter will provide you with information. You can find a clear summary of everything and get information in those sections.

4) SQ3R Method

how to study

This method is focused on understanding and learning the subject with an active reading. SQ3R stands for: survey, question, read, recite and review. You should briefly review the subject you want to study by examining it first. You should elaborate on each title by questioning. You should read the topics you question to answer them, and then answer them yourself. Finally, you can complete the study by reviewing the work you have done.

5) Method of Preparing Information Cards

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You can learn by preparing small cards. Prepare a variety of questions from the topic you are studying. Write these questions on small pieces of paper. Write the answers to the questions on the other side of the paper. Ask the question first, then answer inside and look for the answer.

6) Partition Method

how to study

You can get down to details by breaking a whole whole into small pieces. It is quite difficult to understand all the information at once. It will be much easier to try to learn in small chunks instead. You should break down the topic into as many small details as you think you can learn in one go.

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