What is Industrial Engineering? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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We have compiled for you those who are curious about the future of the department, also known as Industrial Engineering or Industrial Engineering, its courses, opportunities abroad, job opportunities, salary amount.

What is Industrial Engineering?

industrial engineering
Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering that establishes and maintains these systems in order to ensure efficiency in every system where human, material and machine are involved. The main rhetoric of the episode is: “Minimum cost, maximum profit!” The main courses are on system setup and efficiency calculations. Modeling is one of the branches that emphasizes analytical thinking and optimization skills the most.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Industrial Engineering?

The education period of the department is 4 years and it is an undergraduate program.

What are the Courses of the Department of Industrial Engineering?

The courses are math-based. There are many lessons from software to marketing. It is very important which courses the chosen university focuses on. The main courses of the department are:
● General Physics
● General Chemistry
● Mathematics
● Computer Aided Technical Drawing
● Economy
● Operations Research
● Procurement Research
● Project Management
● Finance and Business Accounting for Engineers
● Linear Programming
● Production Engineering
● Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
● Production and Service Operations Planning
● Business Systems Analysis and Design
● Quality Planning and Control
● Thermodynamics
● System Design

What Do Industrial Engineering Graduates Do?

Industrial Engineering graduates generally take charge in the following positions: Production Planning Engineer, Supply Chain Planning Specialist, Sales/Marketing Manager, Financial Planning Specialist, Logistics Manager, Quality Engineer, Security Engineer, ERP Consultant, Human Resources Manager, Risk Management Specialist, Warehouse Manager , Business Development Specialist, Inspector, Portfolio Manager…
Although it varies by position and industry, the duties and responsibilities of an Industrial Engineer generally include:
● To determine production processes and production standards
● Solving problems that occur in production
● Coordinating quality control activities to minimize production cost
● To encourage efficient staff and facility use
● Developing labor use standards

How Much Salary Do Industrial Engineering Graduates Get?

The salary of Industrial Engineering graduates varies according to the sector they will choose. The average salary of an Industrial Engineer starting to work in the public sector is between 5.500 TL and 7.000 TL. A newly graduated Industrial Engineer who starts working in the private sector earns an average of 3,000 TL. An Industrial Engineer working in a managerial position in the private sector receives a salary between 10,000 TL and 15,000 TL.

What are the Challenges of the Industrial Engineering Department?

The most difficult aspect of the department is the obligation to take courses from many different engineering branches. Industrial Engineers, who exist in every field of production, should have knowledge about all other fields that are effective in production. Although it seems like an easy engineering field, it includes other engineering fields. For example, the statics course that mechanical engineers take, the programming courses that computer engineers take.

Who Can Be Successful in Industrial Engineering Department?

Someone with the following characteristics can be successful in this department:
● Loves math
● Leadership
● Has an analytical perspective
● Those who are prone to seeking new methods
● Following the technology
● Prone to teamwork
● Having time management skills

What are the Job Opportunities of the Department?

The job opportunities of the department do not depend on a few sectors. The working areas are very wide. There are Industrial Engineers in every field where there is production. Defense, banking, consultancy, software, telecommunications, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors are among the fields in which they can work. An Industrial Engineer can make transitions between different fields throughout his life.
Although it is a department with wide job opportunities, the increasing number of graduates due to the increasing number of universities in our country is far above the need.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Industrial Engineering Department?

This department is one of the departments with the highest job opportunities abroad. A self-developing Industrial Engineer candidate can easily go abroad for education and benefit from job opportunities. However, as in every department, an industrial engineer who wants to take advantage of the opportunities abroad is expected to have a very good foreign language.

In Which Fields Can Industrial Engineering Graduates Specialize?

Graduates of the department can specialize in every field of production and product. However, areas where specialization is generally preferred are areas such as transportation and logistics, manufacturing and service operations management, decision support systems, finance, and management.

What is the Future of Industrial Engineering Department?

This branch of engineering has the opportunity to work wherever there is production and people. Therefore, it is possible to interpret this section as one of the important sections of the future in the medium term.
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