What is the Department of Interior Architecture? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The Interior Architecture department provides training on making the spaces more useful and livable and satisfying the customer, starting from the drawing stage of a project. I have compiled for you those who are curious about the future of the Department of Interior Architecture, its courses, opportunities abroad, job opportunities, salary amounts.

What is the Department of Interior Architecture?

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The Department of Interior Architecture provides training on determining the needs of the space, meeting these needs by adhering to aesthetic values, and making it more useful and livable. In this context, the person who designs the interior is called an Interior Architect.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Interior Architecture?

The education period of this department, which is an undergraduate program, is 4 years.

What are the Courses of the Department of Interior Architecture?

Courses can be divided into design and construction courses. The main courses of the department are:
● Basic Design
● Perspective
● Material
● History of Interior and Furniture
● General Art History
● History of Civilization from a Beauty Perspective
● Bill Calculation
● Construction and Design Technologies
● Design History
● Structure
● Conservation and Restoration Principles
● Technical Drawing in Interior Architecture
● Aesthetics
● Photography
● Lighting
● Service Marketing

What Do Interior Architecture Graduates Do?

Graduates of the Department of Interior Architecture can work in architectural offices as well as open their own offices. They can take part in large and scale projects. The duties and responsibilities of department graduates are as follows:
● Designing how to use the space
● Drawing up a preliminary design plan
● Determining the materials to be used in the space
● Creating a timeline for the project
● Determining a budget for materials and labor to be used in the project
● To be in constant contact with customers in order to meet the demands of the customers.

How Much Salary Do Interior Architecture Graduates Get?

The salary that graduates of the department will receive varies according to the sector they will choose. An Interior Architect working in a government institution receives an average salary of 7,000 lira. The first salary of an Interior Architecture graduate who starts working in the private sector is around 3,000 liras. The average salary he will receive after gaining experience is 10,000 lira. Incoming projects determine the earnings of an Interior Architect who has his own office. A project can be 160,000 pounds or 30,000 pounds.

What are the Challenges of the Department of Interior Architecture?

The challenges of the department begin in the undergraduate process. The first drawings are made by hand. Then, the transition to drawings is made in the computer environment. The main advice given to prospective students by Interior Architects, who are sleepless most nights in order to complete their projects, is this: Appreciate the hours you sleep.

Who Can Be Successful in Interior Architecture Department?

People who have the following characteristics can be successful in this department:
● Having the ability to draw (In some universities, candidates are subjected to aptitude test.)
● Capable of time management
● Multidimensional thinking
● Open to innovations

What are the Job Opportunities of the Interior Architecture Department?

The job opportunities of the department are especially dependent on the construction sector. The stagnation in the construction sector in our country is also affecting the graduates of this department. Since Interior Architecture service is a luxury service by many segments, job opportunities are limited.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Department of Interior Architecture?

Having experience and a good foreign language for the graduates of the department increases their opportunities abroad. Companies abroad generally look at the talent of the person they will hire. In this context, the more experience you gain and improve yourself, the more likely you will be to get a job. You are expected to be proficient in computer drawing programs. Because among the criteria of some countries, there is the use of certain drawing applications.

What is the Future of the Department of Interior Architecture?

Interior Architecture profession is among the professions that will not lose their validity. There will definitely be a need for this profession wherever there is a real estate and construction sector. However, the future of the department depends on the future of the construction industry.
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