What is the Department of English Language Teaching? What Does It Do? What are Job Opportunities?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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We can say that the Department of English Language Teaching is the most preferred department in foreign language departments. That’s why it’s assigned a lot. We have compiled information about this section for you, where you will learn in detail the English language and how to teach English.

What is the Department of English Language Teaching?

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English Language Teaching is a profession that aims to teach English language to students effectively and efficiently in schools. English has made itself more important than many languages due to its high worldwide validity. Therefore, it is a 4-year department with a very high demand in universities.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of English Language Teaching?

The education period of the department is 4 years. This period may increase to 5 years in universities with compulsory preparatory education. Students who fill 240 ECTS and fulfill the required graduation requirements of their university can graduate successfully.

What are the English Language Teaching Department Courses?

We can list some of the lessons in the section as follows:
● Reading Skills I-II
● Listening and Pronunciation I-II
● Verbal Communication Skills I-II
● Structure of English
● Approaches to Teaching English / English Curriculum
● Linguistics I-II
● English Literature I-II
● Language Acquisition
● Teaching English Language Skills I-II
● Language and Literature Teaching I-II
● Teaching Practice I-II

What Do English Language Teaching Graduates Do?

It can do business in any field where different languages are needed. Thanks to his diploma, he can even work as a sworn translator at a notary public. It can teach languages to everyone from seven to seventy in various private institutions. Teachers who have successfully completed the required exams can start working as civil servants in primary and secondary education institutions.

How Much Salary Do Graduates of English Language Teaching Get?

For graduates of English Language Teaching department, it will vary according to the institution and the course hours entered. If you are a contract teacher or a permanent teacher, the additional course fees and shift fees you receive also vary. To give an average price, English teachers working in secondary schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education receive a net salary of 4,400 TL in return for teaching 15 hours a week. In private education institutions, the salaries of English teachers are in the range of 3,000-7,000 TL.

What are the Difficulties of the Department of English Language Teaching?

Of course, each section has its own challenges. We can say that the department with the highest base score among the foreign language teaching departments is the department of English language teaching. This is because it is in high demand. These problems can be easily overcome with a solid foundation and a good work program.

Who Can Be Successful in the Department of English Language Teaching?

Students who are considering choosing this department are expected to be individuals who have good command of the English language and love to learn and teach.

What are the Job Opportunities of the English Language Teaching Department?

Graduates of English Language Teaching department can teach in many institutions such as private schools, colleges, private teaching institutions, study centers, especially public schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. Apart from that, translator, editor, writer etc. They can also find employment in positions such as

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the English Language Teaching Department?

There are a variety of training courses you can take to work as an English teacher anywhere in the world. Some of these are:
● TESOL: It is generally used in the field of teaching English to non-native speakers abroad. (For example: Australia, Canada etc.)
● TEFL: For people who want to teach English all over the world. While certificates are given at the end of other programs, a diploma is given in this program.
● CELTA: It is the TEFL diploma given with the approval of Cambridge University. It is intended for people with little or no previous teaching experience.
● DELTA: Persons who have obtained the CELTA certificate can continue their education with the DELTA Diploma in Teaching English to Adults. It consists of 3 modules. Any teacher who wants to improve himself can join at any time in his career.

What is the Future of the Department of English Language Teaching?

Foreign language is a phenomenon that we use in almost every field in today’s world. English is also a language that has proven its importance around the world. There is no doubt that the importance of the chapter will increase gradually. Because not only in the field of education, but also in many different fields, employers expect their employees to know a foreign language.
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