What is the Department of Economics? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The economics department is based on “economics”. Economy; It is a science that sheds light on a wide range of resources such as the use, sharing, production, price determination, consumption and circulation of money. The word economics has passed into our language from Arabic. The meaning of the word is Economy. The word economy comes from the words “home” and “distribution”. Here are the most important questions about studying economics such as foreign opportunities, future, job opportunities, graduates, areas of expertise, difficulties of the Department of Economics!

What is the Department of Economics?

Department of Economics
How to find solutions to unlimited needs with limited resources is one of the basic research topics of economics. The Department of Economics aims to examine economies on a micro and macro scale, to follow the economic decisions of people, companies, institutions and states, to make suggestions for these decisions, to determine economic policies and to provide a meaningful economic narrative with all of this.

What is Economics? What Does Economics Mean?

Economics is actually a synonym for the word economy . It is a social and technical science that closely follows the processes from the production of goods and services to their distribution and consumption. Economics also examines the functioning of the economy, market flows, the economic effects of the state in the country and its interventions in the market. In order to perceive what is happening and what is going on in all these areas of the economy, economics is needed.

How Many Years is the Education of the Department of Economics?

The education period of the Department of Economics is 4 years. The Department of Economics, which provides education at the undergraduate level, selects its candidates with the Equal Weight score type in the university exam. Those who successfully complete the Economics Department receive the title of “Economist” upon graduation. In the Department of Economics, Economist candidates learn basic economic data and analysis techniques, improve themselves in making the economy a meaningful whole, observing and predicting the effects of economic decisions by processing these data with the learned techniques.

What are the Economics Department Courses?

There are many courses in the Department of Economics, both verbal and numerical. After completing the compulsory courses of the department in the first two years, you can choose the courses that include the subjects you want to specialize in for the elective courses excluding the compulsory courses in the remaining years.
Some lessons of the department are as follows:
● Introduction to Economics
● Micro Economy
● Macro Economy
● Mathematics
● General Concepts of Law
● Commercial Law
● Law of Obligations
● Statistics
● Econometrics
● Sociology
● Money Theory
● Political Science
● International Economy
● Growth Theory
● Econometrics
The universities with the most successful Economics Departments in Turkey can be listed as follows:
● Boğaziçi University
● İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University
● Galatasaray University
● TOBB University of Economics and Technology
● Middle East Technical University
● Yıldız Technical University
● Ibn Haldun University
● Turkish-German University
● Marmara University
● Hacettepe University

What Does Economics Do? What Does an Economics Graduate Do?

What does the Department of Economics do? We can answer the question as follows: Graduates can find a wide range of jobs in both private and public sectors. However, the high number of graduates obliges the candidates to reveal themselves with different abilities. Economists who have graduated from the Department of Economics can start working as auditors, inspectors or experts in public institutions and organizations. Of course, public and private banks are also good career fields for economics graduates.
Although a tough struggle awaits Economics Graduates who want to enter the private sector, candidates who develop themselves can work in successful audit firms, technology companies, in fact in the relevant departments of any sector company. These; accounting and finance, human resources. If economics graduates improve themselves, they are also very clear in the marketing and advertising sector. In addition, candidates can choose to work as a Financial Advisor by taking the necessary exams.
Another career opportunity for economics graduates is the path to become an Administrative Judge. Economics graduates can become Administrative Judges if they get 83 and above in the Administrative Judge exam. With the developments in recent years, economics graduates can also teach by taking formation. “What does an economist do?” This is how we can answer the question.

How Much Salary Do Economics Graduates Get?

Economists graduated from the Department of Economics and appointed by KPSS, start to work in public institutions and organizations with a civil servant salary between 4.000 TL and 4.500 TL. The salary of an employee who starts a job in the accounting department in the private sector can vary between 2,500 TL and 3,500 TL. Financial Advisor salary, on the other hand, is around 4.500 TL at the beginning stage. Salaries vary for economics graduates working in different fields in the private sector. There is no salary increase limit as you get promoted. It is even possible to reach 6-digit amounts. The more productive you spend your studies in economics, the faster your salary will increase.

What are the Challenges of the Department of Economics?

The most important challenge you may encounter while studying Economics may be to combine the knowledge you learned at university with real life. For this reason, in order to put what you have learned on solid ground, you should follow global analyzes, establish a healthy relationship with TurkStat, and follow the articles and news suggested by your teachers.
The biggest challenge faced by Economists after graduation is that the number of graduates in Economics is high and therefore they have to compete with too many competitors in finding a job. For this reason, it will be beneficial to improve yourself academically in the subjects you want to specialize in, to do internships and to have a command of at least 2 foreign languages.

Who Can Succeed in Economics?

We have listed the courses in the Department of Economics above. As it can be understood from the courses, it is important that the candidates who are considering choosing the Department of Economics should have strong both numerical and verbal aspects. It is also important to follow the agenda as the economy is an important agenda topic and is also influenced by different political agendas. If you enjoy reading articles and interpreting graphics, then Economics is for you. Analytical thinking structure, problem solving skills, ability to connect the dots are also important.

What are the Job Opportunities of the Department of Economics?

It is not difficult to find a job and internship as it offers a wide range of work. However, since there are many economics students, if you want to find an easy job, you need to constantly improve yourself and try to stay one step ahead of others. In a wide range of jobs, you will compete with many competitors.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Department of Economics?

It is quite easy to go abroad if you know the language. There are already many international companies in Turkey. It is possible to go abroad through these companies or with master’s/doctorate programs.

In Which Fields Can Economics Graduates Specialize?

What do economics students do? While answering the question, it is necessary to examine the areas of specialization. Graduates of the Department of Economics can specialize in finance, consulting, auditing, banking or marketing. Students of the Department of Economics should take elective courses in the field they want to specialize in, do internships, and if possible take part in international voluntary programs will make the candidates different.

What is the Future of the Department of Economics?

As technology adapts to business life day by day, it seems that the business area of Economists and Economists who graduate from the Department of Economics will both narrow and expand. While business areas are shrinking with the digitalization of money and digitalized banks, it seems to expand with the increase in the need for analysts, the growth of the marketing sector, and the rise of consultancy.
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