What is the Department of Chemistry? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The chemistry department is very old in origin. B.C. In the 2000s, Egyptians were using chemistry to produce cosmetic powders. The words alchemy and chemistry, which defined the same scientific discipline until the seventeenth century, began to be used for different disciplines in the eighteenth century. Alchemy began to describe making gold from metal. Chemistry, on the other hand, began to define a branch of science that studies/researches the structure, properties and reactions of substances.

What is the Department of Chemistry?

chemistry department
The Department of Chemistry is the section that studies how substances must come together or separate in order to form other substances. The aim of the chapter is to explain the world we live in and the structures of matter.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Chemistry?

The Department of Chemistry is a 4-year undergraduate program. It is a department affiliated to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

What are the Chemistry Department Courses?

The main courses of the chemistry department are:
● General Chemistry
● Physics
● Mathematics
● Analytical chemistry
● Organic chemistry
● Inorganic chemistry
● Physical chemistry
● Biochemistry
● Quantum chemistry
● Statistical Thermodynamics

What Do Chemistry Graduates Do?

Graduated from the Department of Chemistry chemist There are many fields in which people who have received the title ” can work. Graduates from the Department of Chemistry can work in most positions of the company, primarily in the R&D, production, quality-control departments of a wide variety of companies such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, cleaning.

How Much Salary Do Chemistry Graduates Get?

There is no specific salary scale for graduates of the Department of Chemistry. The amount of salary varies from company to company where graduates will work. However, the following numbers can be given on average: The average salary of graduates of the Chemistry department working as civil servants is 4600 TL. In the private sector, there is a salary scale between the minimum wage and 12,000 TL.

What are the Challenges of the Chemistry Department?

Since the chemistry department includes intensive laboratory course and its workload, it is necessary to establish a good balance of time. In addition, you must give your full attention to the experiment during the experiments. Any mistake can result in an explosion. When using the materials in the laboratory environment, you must wear protective equipment (apron, glasses, gloves). Experiments should be properly reported and the results should be analyzed properly.

Who Can Succeed in Chemistry?

Persons with the following qualifications can be successful in the Department of Chemistry:
● Able to manage time well
● Who really likes research
● Patient and analytical thinking
● Withstand long working hours
● Curious

What are the Job Opportunities of the Chemistry Department?

People who graduate from the chemistry department receive the title of “chemist”. With the title of chemist, they can find jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, agriculture and cleaning industry, in the laboratories of hospitals, and in the field of R&D. The fields where people who graduate from the chemistry department can work are increasing day by day. Therefore, the future of the Chemistry department is bright. However, due to the increasing number of universities, the number of graduates from the Chemistry department is also increasing. Therefore, students need to develop themselves more in education life.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Chemistry Department?

Job opportunities abroad are very wide for graduates of chemistry department. Since the R&D department abroad is more developed than in our country, it is much more possible for those who graduated from the chemistry department to work in the field of R&D abroad. Besides R&D, other positions are also valid abroad. However, an advanced level of foreign language is required in order to evaluate the opportunities abroad.

In Which Fields Can Chemistry Graduates Specialize?

Graduates of chemistry department can specialize in basic fields such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry. In addition to these areas, he can specialize in various fields that can go up to drug pharmacology more specifically. They can improve themselves in their undergraduate life by focusing on the field they want to focus on with the courses they will take from the third year. After graduating, they can specialize in the field they want with their master’s or doctorate education.

What is the Future of the Chemistry Department?

The chemistry department is a department where job opportunities will never run out due to the field it studies and studies. Since it is basic science in most sectors, it will develop further and offer jobs in countries that value science, but in countries that do not care about science, companies will generally follow instructions from other countries without being able to produce their own, and positions will be scarce in these countries.
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