What is the Department of English Language and Literature? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The Department of English Language and Literature is one of the most preferred departments. English literature contains many legends such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens. Reading the chapter will definitely add a lot to you. When you graduate, you get the title of philologist and you can also find work in many different fields. “So what are these areas?” If you ask, you can continue reading our article.

What is the Department of English Language and Literature?

department of english language and literature
The Department of English Language and Literature aims to train English philology specialists who can comprehend basic philological information in English and prepare scientific studies on literature, translation, and teaching English.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of English Language and Literature?

The education period of the department, which provides education within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences, is 4 years. It is an undergraduate department and takes students from the Language score type. (Some universities have an English proficiency exam. Students who cannot pass this exam have to attend a 1-year preparatory class.)

What are the English Language and Literature Department Courses?

Those who successfully complete all their courses and receive their diploma are given the title of “English Philologist”. The main courses in the department are as follows.
● Translation Theory Fundamentals
● English Normative Phonetics and Phonology
● Integrated Text Analysis
● Translation Seminars
● Medieval and Renaissance Literature
● English Classicism and Enlightenment Literature
● Entrepreneurship
● Simultaneous Translation
● English Speaking and Communication Skills
● English Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
● Critical Reading and Writing Techniques

What Do Graduates of English Language and Literature Department Do?

Successfully applying English philology and making studies on this field is the primary aim of this department. The fields in which the graduates of the department can work are quite wide. Graduates of the Department of English Language and Literature can work as translator, interpreter, specialist, guidance, journalism, editor, literary criticism, writer, advertising, foreign trade specialist.

How Much Salary Do Graduates of the Department of English Language and Literature Get?

Salaries of graduates who will work as civil servants in the public sector are in the range of 4.500-5.500 TL. In the private sector, 2500-6,000 TL varies. The reason for this wide range is the wide working areas. Private sector salaries vary by industry and experience.

What are the Difficulties of the Department of English Language and Literature?

First of all, you should definitely question whether you have a command of the English language, whether you are interested or not. For 4 years, you will examine this language that you thought you knew in depth and you will have brought many topics that you do not know to the surface. You will gain knowledge not only in literature but also in history and anthropology. It would be in your best interest to inquire deeply whether you are interested in such matters.

Who Can Succeed in English Language and Literature?

You need to have various skills to read some chapters. English Language and Literature department is one of these departments. Students who are considering choosing; Being individuals with a high interest in research and learning, attentive, patient, prone to teamwork, having a strong memory, having knowledge of general culture, loving to read, able to work in a planned manner, having high verbal skills and willing to learn foreign languages will increase their success in this department.

What are the Job Opportunities of the English Language and Literature Department?

With the pedagogical formation certificate, they will receive in addition to their undergraduate programs, students can work as English teacher in public or private schools or as a lecturer in universities. In addition, they can also take on the following positions.
● Translation/interpreting, expertise in ministries, public and private institutions
● Guidance and management in tourism enterprises
● Media; journalism, news agencies, TV program editor
● Freelance translation, interpreting
● Literary criticism
● Broadcasting world; writing, editing
● Advertising, copywriting
● Foreign trade expertise in the private sector

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the English Language and Literature Department?

In this department, you have the chance to study abroad thanks to various student programs (such as Hot courses Turkey etc.). There are also some universities that provide such training within their own structure and receive acceptance from abroad. Some of the master’s programs; Universities such as the University of Birmingham, the University of Westminster, the University of Bristol. There are also postgraduate universities such as the University of Kent, University of Newcastle, University of Buckingham, Lancaster University, University of Southampton and Lincoln University. The admission requirements and required documents for most of them are similar, but there are also requirements that vary from university to university.

What is the Future of the Department of English Language and Literature?

After learning the English language in detail with this department, we can say that the future will be very bright if the department students learn languages such as Russian, Spanish and German. The more privileges you add to yourself in such departments with many job opportunities, the more successful you will be in the work you do. The fact that the department has branches in many sectors indicates that its future is quite clear on its own. In our developing and digitalizing world, it is highly likely that you will find jobs in this direction in the future. If you are thinking of choosing the department, I would say don’t hesitate, but of course the choice is yours!
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