What is the Press and Publication Department? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The Press and Publishing department trains people responsible for the creation of the content we read while sipping our morning coffee or taking a short break from work. Job opportunities are very wide. It is found in very few universities on the preference list. It is a special and interesting section. You can take a look at our article where we provide information about the episode.

What is the Press and Publication Department?

press and broadcast
The Press and Broadcasting department is a program that aims to train competent personnel who will take responsibility for the processes that begin with the delivery of news records and deliver the content prepared according to the determined rules to the reader. In this sector, order is very important as it is a matter of print media.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Press and Broadcasting Department?

The duration of this department, which provides education within the Faculty of Communication in universities, is 4 years. Undergraduate education is provided.

What are the Department of Press and Broadcasting Courses?

Students who prefer this department will take many courses such as the following during the 8-semester education period.
● Speaking and Interview Techniques in Radio and Television Journalism,
● Internet Journalism,
● Turkish Press History,
● Children’s Rights in the Media,
● Investigative Journalism,
● Public Opinion and Propaganda,
● Magazine Journalism,
● Critical Media Literacy,
● Sports Journalism,
● Basic Information Technologies
● Basic Journalism
● Photoshop Applications
● World Media History
● News Types
● Television Journalism

What Does Press and Broadcasting Do?

They can work on any subject related to the components of the print media. They can work as news anchors, editors, reporters, cameramen, editors, digital publishers, web designers and editorial staff in traditional or new generation, print or visual media and broadcasting organizations. This is how we can answer the question “What does the press and broadcasting do?”.

How Much Salary Do Press and Broadcasting Graduates Get?

As in most professions, the salaries of the graduates of the Press and Broadcasting Department will be different in the public sector and different in the private sector. Your salary is calculated based on the amount determined by the industry you work for.

What are the Challenges of the Press and Broadcasting Department?

There isn’t much that differs from the challenges that exist in each chapter. However, the students of this department should add to their education in order to find a comfortable job in the private sector. Being versatile always pays off.

Who Can Succeed in the Press and Broadcasting Department?

Those who want to be a student in the program should have strong communication skills, verbal skills, good human relations, catch details, have a strong imagination and easily adapt to technological innovations. People with these characteristics will be successful in the department and in their jobs.

What are the Job Opportunities of the Press and Broadcasting Department?

The job opportunities in this department span a wide spectrum. Some of these are as follows:
● Newscaster
● Editorship
● Documentary Directing and Production
● Magazine, Sports, War Reporter
● News Cameraman and Editing
● Blog Publishing
● Web Publishing
● Web Design
● Social Media Management
● Page Designer
● Visual Director
● News Directorate
● Registrar’s Office
● Photojournalist
● Reporting
We would like to remind you that in your wide business opportunities, you may have competitors from other departments related to this department.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Press and Broadcasting Department?

In this department, the ERASMUS program offers the opportunity to study abroad for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. In some universities, internship opportunities are also offered to students in various European countries.

In Which Fields Can Graduates of the Press and Broadcasting Department Specialize?

As time progresses and technology develops, our world begins to digitalize. This section also gets its share from this change. In this way, the business areas of this section will not be closed easily. We hope that quotas will be opened in more universities in the future and more people can benefit from this department.

Is the Press and Broadcasting Open? What is the Future of the Department?

We can say that this department is one of the three most essential departments in Turkey, for reasons such as the technological steps that are developing day by day and the defense industry becoming more technological. Aviation is still one of the areas that countries give the most importance in terms of both defense and transportation. This department is a department with many job opportunities not only in Turkey but also abroad.
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